Material Handling Glossary | P

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A load supporting structure usually built with wooden front-to-back stringers and top and bottom decks with openings that allow pick up and transportation by a fork truck. Pallet specifications should be stated as length (stringer) x width.

Pallet Truck
Basic unit load handlers, sometimes called “pallet jacks”. Can be customized with options such as skid adapters.

Pareto's Law
The premise that 20% of the inventory will require 80% of the picking activity as it pertains to materials handling.

Usually at the end of a rack row and used as a temporary drop station to hold pallets for movement into a rack system or retrieve pallets out of the rack system. Pick up and delivery point for incoming and outgoing loads into a rack system. Positioned to maximize vehicle efficiency.

Pick Process
Picking from stock items required to fill a given order or group of orders and governed by an operating discipline imposed on the picking task and defined by the picking method and the organization of the work assignment.

The number of units of a specific SKU or line item on an order or the total number contained on an order of all SKU’s picked.

Process Optimization
Making a process as efficient as possible, maximizing time. Increasing the efficiency of a given operation, as in maximizing space utilization and minimizing labor requirements = improved work/product flow. Eliminates unnecessary functions.