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  • Reduce Costs, Enhance Visibility and Drive Productivity With Smart Tech - LinkedIn Live Ep. 11

    You can’t improve what you don’t measure, and you can’t measure what you don’t track. That’s why intelligent warehouse solutions are an integral part of the optimization process. Hear from our experts as they discuss asset management, lean management, automation, telematics, operator assist picking solutions, labor management and location systems that can turn actionable insights into results to reduce costs and deliver on operational efficiency.

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  • Celebrating Forklift Operators - Solutions Designed with Operators in Mind: LinkedIn Live Ep. 10

    In the fast-paced, innovate-now world we operate in, taking a moment to recognize the hard work and dedication of the people who make our lives easier is important — the forklift operators. Raymond believes it’s important to highlight that appreciation through operator-first equipment and product design, in our work processes and in our dedication to continuous improvement. Hear from Raymond experts as they highlight innovative solutions that help operators work more confidently and efficiently.

  • Why NOW Is the Best Time to Upgrade Your Power Solutions: LinkedIn Live Ep. 9

    There has never been a better opportunity for warehouse managers to evaluate their fleet and energy source for maximum productivity and sustainability benefits that will set them up for success now and in the future. Learn how to maximize lift truck and operator productivity and performance by leveraging purpose-built power solutions for your lift truck fleet.

  • Power your Operation’s Profit with Raymond Energy Solutions: LinkedIn Live Ep. 8

    Raymond’s complete suite of energy solutions, including the Energy Essentials line of Lithium-ion battery technology, helps facilities identify inefficiencies and achieve increased efficiency across their operations by implementing innovative energy technologies and the lowest total cost of ownership solutions. Watch to learn more about how Raymond is driving material handling into the future by providing sustainable energy solutions that keep operations moving forward.

  • Leveraging Operator Assist Technologies to Increase Productivity: LinkedIn Live Ep. 7

    Discover how solutions such as Raymond’s new Real-Time Location Systems, the Pick2Pallet LED Light System, iWAREHOUSE ObjectSense Detection System, and more create integrated systems that can further increase operator efficiency and improve employee retention.

  • Next-Generation Learning Technologies To Optimize Your Training: LinkedIn Live Ep. 6

    In this previously-recorded LinkedIn Live Forum, learn how Raymond’s innovative learning technologies, including the Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator, can help educate forklift operators and optimize operations.

  • Intralogistics Solutions to Help Optimize, Connect & Automate Operations: LinkedIn Live Ep. 5

    Hear from Raymond’s President and CEO Michael Field about the future of the industry as he announces a new Raymond intralogistics solutions initiative.

  • Identifying Intralogistics Solutions to Fit Your Operation: LinkedIn Live Ep. 4

    Raymond’s Vice President of Customer Solutions and Support, Dave Norton, explains how an end-to-end intralogistics solutions can drive supply chain effectiveness and efficiencies through the optimization of people and processes.

  • Optimization Through Lean Management LinkedIn Live Ep. 3

    Raymond Lean Management Manager of Solutions and Support Centers Keith Ingels joins Jack Kaumo, director of iWAREHOUSE® technology solutions, to explain how Raymond Lean Management can help improve employee morale, standardize processes, eliminate waste and ultimately improve productivity.

  • Tracking Assets, Labor and Products with RTLS LinkedIn Live Ep. 2

    Josh Peck, Raymond’s iWAREHOUSE product application manager, joins Jack Kaumo, director of iWAREHOUSE Technology Solutions, to explain how RTLS can streamline processes and increase efficiencies in today’s ever-changing business environment.

  • Utilizing Telematics Data in Your Operation: LinkedIn Live Ep. 1

    Raymond’s Director of iWAREHOUSE Technology Solutions Jack Kaumo and Senior Manager of Professional Services Jason Fiume will explain how telematics data can help make operations more efficient and effective.