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Article Mentions

  • "Safer by Design"
    DC Velocity; Discusses the proactive measures Raymond has taken to incorporate preventative features into their trucks. Features like the iWAREHOUSE integrated display and the new virtual reality training simulator use cutting-edge technology to do this, May 2017
  • "Telematics on home turf"
    Modern Materials Handling; how telematics are shaping fleet management practices and moving facilities from reactive to predictive maintenance - improving fleet productivity and reducing maintenance costs - positively impacting the bottom line, April 2017
  • "Virtual Reality: The Next Wave in Safety Training"
    Food Logistics; Erica Moyer, product manager, Energy Storage Systems at Raymond, discusses the forklift manufacturers latest innovative solution—it's vehicle-based virtual reality training, April 2017
  • "Seeing is Believing: Putting Faith in Automated Vision Guided Vehicles"
    New Equipment Digest; discusses Raymond’s collaboration with Seegrid, combining our electric lift trucks with their VGV solution. The article lists the many benefits of VGVs, such as increased productivity and efficiency, March 2017
  • "Optimizing slow-moving inventory"
    Plant Services: Today's Optimized Facility Blog. Tips for applying Pareto’s law, reducing handling costs and enhancing the distribution center., March 2017
  • "Liquor distributor pours on the ergonomics"
    Modern Materials Handling; Forklift fleet geared for operator comfort achieves 100% training compliance, March 2017
  • "How can you improve your operation? Ask your employees."
    Plant Services, Today’s Optimized Facility Blog, contributed by Tony Topencik, Director of Manufacturing Operations at The Raymond Corporation, February 2017
  • “Lift Truck Series: A new technician vision”
    Modern Materials Handling, discusses the challenges in recruiting, hiring and training as lift truck maintenance requires an increasingly technical skill set, and as Baby Boomers continue to retire from the industry, January 2017
  • “Pallet trucks look to the future”
    DC Velocity, How pallet jacks are currently evolving with new designs and technology; includes interview with Sue Rice, product manager of pallet trucks and stackers for The Raymond Corporation, January 2017
  • "Put People First With Telematics"
    Plant Services; blog post discusses the benefits of telematics systems and ways they can be used to gain insights for operator management, December 2016
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