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  • Raymond Press Release
    8 min read

    After 100 Years Of Innovation Raymond Continues To Lead

    With 14 (and counting) industry awards and recognitions in 2022, The Raymond Corporation secures its legacy and looks to the future.

  • Thank You, Raymond Gives back to America
    10 min read

    Raymond And Its Solutions And Support Centers Give Back To North American Communities In 2022

    From setting world records to monetary donations and volunteer opportunities, Raymond’s network continues to support communities in its centennial

  • Raymond Logistics Hall of Fame, Mike Field
    3 min read

    Raymond Celebrates A Century Of Innovation With Induction Into The Logistics Hall Of Fame

    Group posthumously recognizes George Raymond Sr. for his transformational contribution to the logistics industry.

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  • Forbes Logo

    "Four Areas Of Connected Technology Industry 4.0 Brings To Facilities"

    Forbes; In this Forbes article, Jim discusses the move toward Industry 4.0 and how connected technologies are ultimately optimizing, connecting and automating operations.

  • Forbes Logo

    "15 Emerging Technologies Sure To Change How The Business Development Industry Operates"

    Forbes; Contributing as part of Forbes expert panel, Jim provides insights into how connected technologies will provide added visibility throughout an organization and allow operations to gain more insights into what optimizations are necessary to increase productivity.

  • Forbes Logo

    "What Business Leaders Should Know About Lithium-Ion Battery Applications"

    Forbes; Jim highlights the many advantages of implementing lithium-ion and discusses how advances in energy technologies will continue to be instrumental in shaping the way facilities operate and stay competitive.