FORBES: Lessons from Lean Management for Any Industry

  • Forbes, 2021 Official Member, Business Development Council

    In Forbes recent article, Lessons from Lean Management for any Industry, Raymond Vice President of Sales Jim O’Brien discusses how minor improvements in efficiency, innovation, and production can have an enormous influence on profits through lean management. Operations are looking for an edge in every sector of their business whether that is through shorter lead times in the supply chain, enhanced quality of products, or an increase in waste reduction efforts. Lean management can help organizations achieve all that and more.


  • "Insights, Trends and Conversations with Supply Chain Thought Leaders"
    The upside to a virtual event is it afforded MH&L the opportunity to transform their annual visit with Michael Field, president and CEO of The Raymond Corporation, from an in-person chat to a podcast-able conversation. , April 2021
  • "Cold Chain Gets More Sophisticated"
    Syracuse.com; Rick Harrington, former senior vice president of operations, reflects on his time with the company, insights into the manufacturing industry and his success in leadership, October 2020
  • "Cold Chain Gets More Sophisticated"
    Modern Materials Handling; features Raymond's focus on lithium-ion batteries for cold chain applications, October 2019
  • "Is it prime time for predictive technology in MRO?"
    Supply Chain Drive; highlights key takeaways and considerations from Raymond’s John Rosenberger about predictive analytics in terms of MRO in the supply chain, September 2019
  • "Who was that masked forklift driver?"
    DC Velocity; focuses on Raymond’s attendance and products displayed at Future Tech Live! at Comic-Con. The article highlights the Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator, September 2019
  • "How AR/VR is reinventing workforce training"
    Plant Services; Stacey Patch notes one of the biggest takeaways for VR/AR learning is that it helps simulate different scenarios, helping prepare operators for real-world instances in a controlled environment, September 2019
  • "Plant Services Manufacturing Tomorrows Workforce"
    Plant Services; Stacey Patch discusses the benefits of virtual reality for training and building employee proficiency in the manufacturing industry, August 2019
  • "Make the right (power) play"
    DC Velocity; Jennifer de Souza highlights the purpose and benefits of a formal "power study" to design the most optimal energy solutions for one's warehouse, August 2019
  • "Performance under pressure"
    Modern Materials Handling; features Susan Comfort’s insights on the increase in forklift productivity in recent years and the positive effects of innovations such as narrow aisle and high reach trucks on warehouse operations, August 2019
  • "Is training VR's killer app? Ask forklift drivers"
    Forbes; highlights the Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator and its innovative take on forklift operator education., June 2019
  • "Rick Harrington’s three steps to lead and succeed"
    Syracuse.com; Rick Harrington, former senior vice president of operations, reflects on his time with the company, insights into the manufacturing industry and his success in leadership, April 2019
  • "Driving Innovation with Data"
    Fast Company; highlights The Raymond Corporation’s path of innovation and provides commentary on the evolution from CEO Michael Field leading up to the Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator and its spot on the Fast Company 2019 World’s Most Innovative Companies list. , April 2019
  • "Want to automate your warehouse? Wait until you understand your data"
    Supply Chain Dive; highlights Jack Kaumo and John Slavik’s seminar at ProMat 2019; including the need to gather data from warehouses using data-generating systems already in place and analyzing and synthesizing the data collected from those systems, April 2019
  • "2018 IW Best Plants Winner: Raymond Corp. Strives for Excellence in OEE and Beyond"
    Industry Week; highlights how the company was named to the 2018 Best Plants Award list for its continuous improvement journey. Raymond is continually striving to improve and innovate, and it implemented the Toyota Production System to achieve these goals. , March 2019
  • "Today's Distribution Center: You Say You Want an Evolution?"
    Inbound Logistics; John Rosenberger, director of Global Telematics, and Chris Merta, product manager of Automated Products, give insights about warehouse optimization and automation and how to keep up with industry challenges, March 2019

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