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    iWAREHOUSE Labor Management System

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    Improve the Way Your Workforce Works.

    With labor accounting for an increasing amount of total operating costs, nothing offers the potential for enhanced productivity more than a labor management system (LMS). Our scalable LMS gives you powerful and actionable insights into your labor force, allowing you to quickly and easily analyze costs and identify inefficiencies at every level of your operation – facility, department, process and individual.

  • Easy Integration. Deeper Information

    Our LMS is not only engineered into iWAREHOUSE, but it can also be quickly, easily and affordably integrated with other fleet and warehouse management systems – time clocks, ERP, job-coding and other internal technologies – with no hardware requirements and little IT involvement.

  • Instant Access to
    Your Data

    This cloud-based solution gives you instant access to your data anytime, and allows you to securely share that information with others for simpler collaboration, faster decision-making, greater accountability and more efficient process improvements.

  • Get a Complete Picture of Your Operation

    By integrating with iWAREHOUSE, you can correlate labor data with equipment use and cost/budgeting information for the increased visibility you need to address operational challenges more strategically and confidently.

People. Performance. Productivity.

  • + Maximize employee utilization and productivity
    + Drive out lost time
    + Control costs
    + Increase margins
    + Enhance corporate culture

  • + Make informed staffing decisions
    + Analyze trends for effective forecasting
    + Develop and implement standards and best practices
    + Manage and motivate staff
    + Pay-for-performance

Flexible, Scalable and Customizable

Designed for operations of all types and sizes, the iWAREHOUSE Labor Management System is available in three scalable packages, so that you can pick the option best suited to the needs of your facility knowing that you can add to your capabilities at any time.


    + Integration with Custom iWAREHOUSE Task Selection


    Lite capabilities plus:
    + Integration with Job Track (non-operators)
    + Integration with Time Clock
    + Track Throughput
    + Operational Costing
    + Qualitative Metrics


    Lite and Express capabilities plus:
    + Integration with Warehouse Management System (WMS)
    + Pay-for-Performance
    + Performance Coaching
    + Multi-metric Labor Standards

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