• Reduce Cost and Improve Performance for Every Process, Employee, and Product

    As labor markets tighten and operations become leaner, understanding your cost and productivity of labor is crucial. A Warehouse Management System (WMS) alone will provide only 40% of the total visibility you need. iWAREHOUSE Labor Management System (iW LMS) merges multiple data sources for 100% visibility resulting in productivity gains.

Productivity Starts with Visibility

  • 100% Visibility

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    Higher Productivity
     & Lower Labor Costs

  • Our Labor Management System was created by operators who ran labor-intensive operations for some of the largest retailers in the country. This operation-focused approach developed a product that:

    + Is easy to implement
    + Increases productivity
    + Lowers labor costs
    + Creates fair labor standards


  • A WMS shows you only time scanned into the system – which results in missed visibility to approximately 60% of the labor hours you are paying for.

Optimized Processes. Smarter Business Decisions. iW LMS Answers Your Most Important Questions

  • LMS implementation, Labor Management System

    How long will this take to install and how can I maintain it? iW LMS can be fully integrated and fully functioning in a matter of weeks. Our cloud-based LMS System provides easy software updates and system changes as operations evolve: + No site hosted servers, no hardware requirements, little IT involvement + Flexible, quick-to-configure proprietary Logic Writer technology pulls and merges data from multiple sources Many LMS systems take 6-12 months with heavy IT involvement.

  • LMS Productivity, Labor Management System, warehouse productivity

    How can I optimize my labor and process? iW LMS gives you 100% visibility into every minute of every day – by looking at all the hours you pay for. Identifying and reclaiming lost or missing time can result in big payoffs: + Missing time or downtime throughout the day - the discrepancy between paid hours and total tracked hours - is often in excess of 60-90 minutes per day, per employee + Indirect work - meetings, housekeeping, maintenance, and clerical - can account for 25-40% of a facility’s time Other LMS Systems look at just productive hours, limiting how much you can improve.

  • LMS Cost, Labor Management System optimization

    Where is my money going? iW LMS pulls in and integrates data from multiple sources for a complete picture on process costs and workflows. Our LMS ultimately drives down labor costs: + See who did the work, on what process, in what amount of time and quantity + Get granular; see how that correlates to which customers are profitable and identify areas for cost savings Other LMS systems read WMS and time clock data only.

  • LMS Performance, Labor Management System performance

    How is my labor really performing? iW LMS uses machine-learned data and multiple metrics that look beyond single-metric unit-per-hour ratios for more accurate and fair labor standards. Adopt a flexible system that: + Customizes to your specific needs and adapts as your operation changes + Improves costs through better standards that drive accountability and lead to better performance Most LMS systems rely on a traditional (and quickly obsolete) approach of using the time, cost and inaccuracy of engineered labor standards created by humans.

  • Easy Integration. Deeper Information

    Our LMS is not only engineered into iWAREHOUSE, but it can also be quickly, easily and affordably integrated with other fleet and warehouse management systems – time clocks, ERP, job-coding and other internal technologies – with no hardware requirements and little IT involvement.

  • Instant Access to
    Your Data

    This cloud-based solution gives you instant access to your data anytime, and allows you to securely share that information with others for simpler collaboration, faster decision-making, greater accountability and more efficient process improvements.

  • Get a Complete Picture of Your Operation

    By integrating with iWAREHOUSE, you can correlate labor data with equipment use and cost/budgeting information for the increased visibility you need to address operational challenges more strategically and confidently.

  • More Than Labor Management

    Labor management is just one of the many ways we can help you optimize your operations. Visit our Intralogistics site to learn how we can help you find the right overall solution to keep your operation moving forward.

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