Material Handling Glossary | I

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Impact Alarm
Impact alarm devices are designed to warn operators of material handling equipment of imminent danger to their machinery getting in contact with any kind of obstacles in their path.

Industrial Battery
General term used to differentiate between batteries for heavy-duty industrial applications and those for automotive Starting-Lighting- Ignition (SLI).

Industrial Truck Association (I.T.A.)
An organization of industrial truck manufacturers and suppliers that formalizes and publishes industry statistics. Also forms committees to address issues such as safe truck use.

Advanced state-of-the-art microprocessor based control system by The Raymond Corporation that enhances truck performance, productivity and reliability beyond all established standards.

A system that automatically regulates the maximum allowable travel speed at which the truck can operate given the elevated fork height, heading angle, direction of travel and operator speed request. Because this information is monitored by a microprocessor, the travel speed is greater than conventional limit-switch regulated trucks.

Inventory Levels
1. Current level of each SKU in stock. 2. Average amount of a given SKU in stock at any time. 3. Optimum amount of a specific product maintained in inventory.

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