• Sustainable

    Since the Start

The Raymond Corporation began with an unwavering commitment to its industry and communities.

We’ve been finding better ways to keep industries and businesses moving for more than 100 years.

We’re not about to stop now.

  • We are built on principles of innovation and continuous improvement, driving us to design solutions with ecological and economical benefits in mind.

    These values – supported by our talented team – have made us a world-recognized leader in our industry. Our enduring goal is to design industry-leading intralogistics solutions that serve our customers and align with our commitment to operating sustainably.

  • Our current operations and continuous innovations are rooted in achieving equilibrium, where performance is balanced with efficiency.

    We continuously examine our processes and operations to identify efficiencies that will reduce our waste, minimize our carbon footprint, use and reuse resources efficiently, and make our communities better places to live and work.

Sustainability became a focus of our business because it always made sense.

And it always will. 

Driven by Larger Sustainability Values

We at Raymond, a member of the Toyota Industries family of companies, follow guiding principles that set us apart as sustainability leaders worldwide. Collectively, we aim for growth that’s in harmony with the environment.

  • We strive to be carbon neutral by 2050.

    An interdepartmental, multisite decarbonization committee meets monthly to plan, develop, implement and review carbon reduction and energy conservation projects across our corporate locations.

    We also strive to empower our customers to improve their impact.

    Our complete family of material handling equipment and power solutions are engineered with sustainability in mind. Our clean energy solutions, including lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, are made to help you use energy more efficiently, reuse energy when possible, recycle materials and reduce waste.  From power solutions and material handling equipment to connected technologies, consulting and support services, we’re a partner helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

    Corporate Plans in Action

    We hired energy consultants to investigate energy conservation measures within our facilities for near-term energy use reduction and efficiency improvements; and then develop an implementation road map for long-term projects such as on-site renewable generation and equipment electrification.

  • Raymond implements energy storage and solar energy generating system at distribution warehouse.

    Energy reduction and efficiency improvements already executed include:

    • Installing solar panels at our Parts Distribution Center in Syracuse, New York, and warehouse in Greene, New York.
    • Routinely eliminating air leaks.
    • Upgrading software to automated logic and lighting control programs.
    • Installing LED lights and occupancy sensors.
    • Identify high-consumption equipment and developing a plan to shut down during off-hours. 
    • Analyzing real-time energy usage data to optimize the energy use of our facilities.

  • We look for new ways to minimize the use of resources, remove waste throughout our manufacturing processes and improve the circularity of our products.

    Reducing parts created, reusing viable components and regularly recycling around 95% of all manufacturing operation byproducts allow us to adhere to our strict sustainability commitments.

    Corporate initiatives for manufacturing and product sustainability include:

    • Expanding the RayBuilt®, RayLease and Raymond RENEWED™ operations, which provide remanufactured and refurbished parts and forklifts to reuse valuable resources and reduce waste to landfills.
    • Developing lithium-ion take-back program to extend lifespan of lithium-ion batteries, and to recycle batteries ready for disposal.
    • Hired a packaging engineer to provide additional packaging waste reduction efforts.
    • Switching from disposable absorbent pads to reusable absorbent pads to significantly reduce nonhazardous waste shipments.
    • Produced a recycling training module to educate associates on which materials in their workstations are recyclable and proper disposal methods. 
    • Employing a “scrap pass” program, which allows associates to reclaim certain production scrap materials to reuse and upcycle..
    • Installing a reverse osmosis wastewater recycling system at a main manufacturing location to provide toilet water to three bathrooms on the manufacturing floor.

  • Raymond associate repurposes scrap pallets into a flower planter.


  • We have proudly complied with ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems general guidelines since 2001 by developing our own rigorous environmental management system.

    These policy objectives include: 

    • Complying with applicable environmental compliance obligations.​
    • Implementing and maintaining environmental management systems to continually improve and enhance environmental performance.​
    • Reviewing processes and procedures to reduce the consumption of natural resources and minimize potential environmental impacts.​
    • Increase energy efficiency to positively impact carbon footprint.
    • Providing a safe and healthy workplace.​
    • Engaging stakeholders to promote our environmental objectives.​
    • Incorporating considerations into the design process for the life cycle of our products.

  • We value the relationships with our local communities and the environment.

    That’s why we stay committed to being an environmentally responsible neighbor in the communities where we operate.

  • Keep Greene Green volunteer team for Earth Day 2022.

  • Corporate initiatives include: 

    • Hosting community service events to provide services such as litter pickup, flower plantings, upkeep to community parks and cleanup activities along a local riverbank.
    • Establishing a wetland restoration project near Syracuse, New York.
    • Gifting associates with native wildflower seeds to benefit local pollinators.
    • Donating large eco-friendly flowerpots that can collect rainwater for our local community to minimize water and fossil fuel use for daily watering.

  • Raymond associates collecting litter along a local riverbank.

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