Material Handling Glossary | F

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First-in/first-out method of maintaining product rotation by always picking the oldest first. Also an accounting method that is based upon valuing inventory or picking inventory from the oldest to the newest. The first product put away is the first product picked.

First-in/last-out storage system where inventory first stored is last removed. Generally other than single deep, that allows minimal selectivity.

A wire embedded in the floor carrying an alternating current, low voltage signal which will normally create a field around the wire that a vehicle, with appropriate sensing device, will follow causing it to steer an accurate course over the wire. No contact is necessary between the wire and the vehicle or its sensing device.

Cubic density of storage obtained using least amount of actual square footage.

Usually referring to the storage of pallets (one on top of the other) on the floor; could also be cartons or any type of product.

Non-powered conveyer lanes with rollers pitched at a slight angle so that two or more loads can be stored in one lane with gravity providing the means of movement within that lane via FIFO basis (for case or pallet loads).

A four-directional forklift can travel in four directions: forward, reverse, left and right. Four-directional forklifts are especially useful for handling long, bulky loads like lumber, pipe, tubing and steel bar stock up to 22 feet in length.