• Unlocking Your Logistics Efficiency

    The more efficient your supply chain is, the more time you’ll have to develop your business. Designed for easy, ergonomic, one-man operation, LiftLiner can help overcome today’s warehouse labor shortages. It can also be towed by an Automated Guided Vehicle—like the Raymond Courier—and features programmable software that allows you to customize and automate loading and unloading functions.

    Why use industrial carts? 

    1. FlexibilityCompatible with a wide range of cart types to efficiently and simultaneously handle loads of all shapes and sizes.

    2. AccessibilityCarts can be loaded and unloaded from either side, allowing you to create the fastest, most efficient routes through your facility.

    3. Maneuverability - Patented crossbar coupling system allows sharper turns and superior cornering.

    4. Simplicity - Unique tilting technology makes it easier for operators to unload even heavy loads.