Automate a Variety of Material Handling Tasks

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    As labor becomes harder to find and more expensive to hire, robotic solutions can offer a way to enhance your overall productivity and employee retention.

    Raymond’s Sales and Centers and strategic partnership with Bastian Solutions, can design, program, and maintain a custom robotic system to help you streamline a variety of operations from picking and packing to palletizing. Experts at your local Solutions and Support Center can consult on your application and put together an integrated solution complete with software, controls, and vision systems.

    From tools that rapidly handle small parts and products to palletizing robotic arms that make assembly and disassembly easy at the dock door, our collaborative robotic (cobot) options offer an excellent first step into warehouse automation.

  • industrial robotics, pallet assembly

    Robotic Pallet Assembly & Disassembly

    Automate repetitive tasks and take the ergonomic strain off workers with an array of industrial robots from Raymond and Bastian Solutions. Talk to us about customizing a solution to help streamline your unique pallet assembly and disassembly applications.

    + Pull multiple products to assemble a kitted pallet with an end-of-arm tool for mixed product handling.
    + Pull entire layers off a pallet with a specialized pallet layer handling robot.
    + Handle empty pallets with a specially designed robotic system.

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    Robotic Material Handling Systems for Pick-to-Place and Case Packing

    If your operation places items in a case to be packaged, palletized, and shipped, our strategic partnership with Bastian Solutions partnership offers a robotic solution to reduce your fulfillment times and labor costs.

    Capable of making up to 300 picks per minute, our specialized end-of-arm technologies can select individual items from a conveyor line and place them in the correct shipping receptacle.

  • Optimization Before Automation

    Before introducing automation into your business, your warehouse and processes should first be analyzed and optimized. Raymond Solutions & Support Centers can help lay the groundwork for a successful implementation by introducing our unique Lean Management System and by assessing everything from your facility layout to racking systems and forklift integration.

    Advanced computer technologies are used to consider structural specifications, expected routes, material touchpoints, and more to create a warehouse that optimizes every interaction between associates, automated systems, and lift trucks.

    Talk to us to see if, when, how, and where automation would make the most sense—and have the biggest impact—in your operation.

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