Food Processing Industry Solutions

Material Handling Solutions for the Food Processing Industry

On your processing floor, you have equipment that is exposed to tough environments and needs to withstand brine, caustics, and other fluids while holding up to frequent wash downs. Acidic and corrosive fluids or brine can take its toll on your equipment; poultry, meat, and fish reduce the life of your trucks, and frequent wash downs can shorten truck life. 

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    Technology Driven

    The use of technology drives the market leaders’ competitive edge. The use of technology allows for quick adaptations to market changes.

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    Population Increase

    As the world population continues to grow, the need for seamless food processing procedures becomes even more important.

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    Rapid Product Movement

    The food processing industry sees fast product turnaround throughout its warehouse and distribution centers.

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    Extreme Environments Demand Extreme Solutions

    Whether receiving raw material and ingredients or getting ready to ship out of your distribution center, you need lift trucks designed to meet the needs of a high-velocity warehouse. On your processing floor, you need equipment that can be exposed to tough environments and withstand brine, caustics, and other fluids while holding up to frequent wash downs. We offer the most complete range of lift trucks and solutions optimized to meet the needs of diverse processing environments.

    Our Extreme Environment Corrosion Package is available on several models of pallet trucks to help extend the life of your truck and reduce your total cost of ownership.

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    Reach Trucks

    Best-in-class and long-lasting components for efficient performance. Able to be equipped with our ThermaKit system, which provides steady warmth while operating in the freezer.

  • Raymond Stand Up Forklift

    Counterbalanced Trucks

    Our 4000 Series counterbalanced trucks are ideal for jobs that require maneuverability - like dock operations, transport, put away or supplying rack vehicles.

  • Raymond Electric Riding Pallet Jack

    Pallet Jacks

    Our pallet jacks deliver superior energy efficiency and never compromise on reliability and durability. Ideal for use in refrigerated areas with our cold-storage options.


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