Darigold Streamlines Maintenance with iTRACK by Raymond

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    Seattle-based Darigold Inc., has been producing fresh dairy products for people around the globe since 1918. To stay competitive, it recognized the need to find efficiencies and cost savings in its manufacturing and distribution facilities.

    Darigold sought to track all maintenance costs in one place, streamline the repair and upkeep process of its lift trucks and standardize its fleet to ensure the proper equipment was used in all of its applications.


    Darigold partnered with Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation (RHCC), an authorized Raymond Solutions and Support Center, to streamline its tracking capabilities and reduce lift truck leasing costs, all while maintaining uptime.

    RHCC suggested the iTRACK system, a fleet tracking system, that provides actionable fleet maintenance data reports that can span from individual trucks to collective lift truck data for multiple facilities, allowing for an overall snapshot of Darigold's maintenance and productivity.


    As a result of choosing RHCC, Darigold has seen a significant cost reduction due to the new ability to track and manage its life truck fleet across multiple locations.

    Darigold is now using the iTRACK system to track maintenance costs all of its lift trucks, and it has experienced considerable increases in productivity due to the substantial reduction in repair costs and downtime.

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