Refrigerated & Cold Storage Warehousing

Material Handling Solutions for Cold Storage Facilities

Refrigerated warehouses, blast freezers and other cold storage warehouses require robust control systems and lift trucks that are intelligently designed to be tough. As the need for cold storage facilities steadily increases, as does having the assurance that efficiency and durability are not being sacrificed, no matter the conditions in your warehouse.

  • cold storage industry growth

    Steady Growth

    Improving economic conditions will enable consumers to purchase a greater variety of food products from grocery stores and other retail channels, boosting demand for refrigerated storage.

  • industry development

    Industry Development

    As other industries develop in the way goods are purchased and managed, there is no room for a lack of efficiency - even in the harshest warehouse conditions.

  • Storage Utilization

    Optimum Capacity Utilization

    Maximum warehouse capacity utilization is crucial to maximizing profit, as larger storage spaces require even more cold blasting, a costly expense.

  • US Cold Storage; Associated Integrated Supply Chain Solutions and Raymond Customer Success Story

    Proven Solutions for Cold Storage

    Raymond has a wide range of solutions to best meet the technical specifications for your cold chain needs. Raymond maintains its own in-house cold storage test facility allowing us to replicate the harshest conditions and continually test and prove our systems in extreme cycles of freezing and thawing.

    The superior performance and unmatched reliability of Raymond lift trucks in freezer environments helps keep them operating at peak efficiency. Cold storage conditioning is an available option on most Raymond lift trucks, to protect your lift truck's control systems when used in cold storage environments.

The Best Forklifts for Your Cold Storage Warehouse

  • Raymond Reach-Fork Truck

    Reach Trucks

    Best-in-class and long-lasting components for efficient performance. Able to be equipped with our ThermaKit system, which provides steady warmth while operating in the freezer.

  • Raymond Stand Up Forklift

    Counterbalanced Trucks

    Our 4000 Series counterbalanced trucks are ideal for jobs that require maneuverability - like dock operations, transport, put away or supplying rack vehicles.

  • Raymond Electric Riding Pallet Jack

    Pallet Jacks

    Our pallet jacks deliver superior energy efficiency and never compromise on reliability and durability. Ideal for use in refrigerated areas with our cold-storage options.

  • high capacity reach truck, cold storage, refrigerated storage

    Cold Storage Solutions Reach New Heights

    We understand the challenges of high-lift and freezer applications. Operational costs and storage requirements are pushing clear heights upward. This is requiring trucks to not only lift heavy loads upward, but to do so efficiently and reliably as possible.

    To address this growing need, the Raymond High Capacity Reach Truck has been engineered with an array of innovative design features and options to reach higher, lift heavier and run faster, providing greater storage and slotting flexibility for lower costs.


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