E-Commerce and Fulfillment Applications

A New Supply Chain for Digital Commerce

One of the most popular questions presented to online shoppers used to be "Want it Tomorrow? Order by a certain time". However, as mobile device usage continues to increase, allowing consumers to spend more time online, this question has evolved into an expectation which puts even more pressure on e-commerce providers and leads to an assortment of order fulfillment challenges.

  • Improving Fulfillment Times

    Improving Fulfillment Times

    The time to pick, pack and ship is no longer measured in days or hours but in minutes.

  • Broken Case Picking

    Handling Individual Items

    Such "broken-case" order picking continues to be very labor intensive and complex.

  • Inventory Management

    Managing Inventory Levels

    Sophisticated policies are needed to ensure products are in stock, but without creating excessive (and expensive) safety stock levels.

Committed To Keeping Your Business Moving

We understand that responsive, efficient and reliable material handling is vital to keep your operations running at optimum levels – especially as your customers expect their orders quickly, accurately and undamaged. Our expert material handling solutions enable unmatched performance and superior uptime for peak-season efficiency and year-long productivity.

Stand Up Forklift

Stand Up Forklifts

With industry-leading lift/lower speeds, quicker acceleration and travel speeds operators can get more done in less time.

Order Picker

Order Pickers

By combining exceptional versatility, intuitive handling and easy maintenance, our order pickers deliver the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Pallet Jack

Pallet Jacks

Our pallet jacks maximize efficiency in high-throughput applications to provide longer battery life, precise speed control and less downtime.

pick to pallet, pick2pallet, voice pick, voice picking system

Pick2Pallet LED Light System

Raymond's exclusive Pick2Pallet™ LED Light System helps reduce picking errors by visually reinforcing product placement for order fulfillment in batch picking applications.

Custom Solutions For Your Business Challenges

In warehouse management, the bottom line is the bottom line. And because efficiency works best when it works end to end, everything we offer is built to perform and designed to work together. From initial consultation to long-term operational support we provide unmatched, world-class services tailored to meet your needs, help you drive down costs and run your business better and smarter.


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