5600 Orderpicker Order Picker Forklift

  • Raymond 5000 Series Order picker truck ACR System AC drive motor
    Raymond lift trucks are engineered for Eco-Performance

    ACR System

    Delivers smooth, precise speed control and fewer maintenance points than other AC motor systems.
    ACR System
  • Raymond 5000 Series Order picker truck auto-center steering
    Raymond ergonomic lift trucks

    Auto-Steer Centering

    Electronic power steering with auto-steer centering offers superior maneuverability that can help to reduce truck, product and rack damage.
    Auto-Steer Centering
  • Raymond Orderpicker Auto Locking Pallet Clamp
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks

    Auto-Locking Pallet Clamp

    Automatically locks onto the pallet stringer as soon as the pallet is in place.
    Auto-Locking Pallet Clamp
  • Raymond 5000 Series Order picker truck variable lift lower controls
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks

    Variable, Simultaneous Function Handle

    Infinitely variable lift and lower control provides smooth control for precise platform work.
    Variable, Simultaneous Function Handle
  • Raymond 5600 Orderpicker Clear View Mast Design
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks

    Performance Driven Lift/Lower Speeds

    25% faster than our current model, increased performance when you need it most.
    Performance Driven Lift/Lower Speeds
  • Raymond 5600 Orderpicker High Capacity
    narrow aisle warehouse

    High Capacity

    With a market-leading elevated height of 456", the High Capacity Orderpicker gives access to one complete additional rack of storage.
    High Capacity

World-Class Performance, Shift After Shift

The 5600 Orderpicker is Raymond’s top-performing order picker truck. The 5600 stock picker is best suited for high throughput, elevated height, 36 volt applications. The ACR System provides quick acceleration and AC Drive and AC Lift. Boost operator productivity with the intelliguide wire guidance system to minimize steering requirements in aisles, and the intellispeed system to optimize travel speeds at height.

  • Battery: 36 volt
  • Capacity: 3,000 lbs
  • Elevated Height: 456" maximum
  • Load Center: 24" Load Center
  • Motor System: AC Drive & AC Lift Motors

Integrated Technology Options Increase Efficiency


  • Raymond's Integrated Tether

    iWAREHOUSE Integrated Tether System

    Designed to reinforce best practices – and the industry’s first integrated wireless solution with truck slow-down functionality and reporting – the iWAREHOUSE Integrated tether system is limits truck operation if a proper connection is not detected between a self-retracting lanyard (SRL) and an operator’s harness.

  • Lithium ion battery

    Calculate Your Cost Savings by Switching to Lithium-Ion

    Our line of lithium-ion batteries, compatible with our family of forklifts, showcases our dedication to advancement. These batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate into your lift trucks providing advanced data insights and wireless communication for remote diagnostics and upgrades.

    Use our Lithium-ion ROI calculator to calculate the cost savings you could be receiving by switching to Lithium-ion batteries within your current fleet.

Built to Perform

  • Raymond intelliguide wire guidance system

    intelliguide Wire Guidance System

    The optional wire guidance system frees operators from steering responsibilities in very narrow aisles. The system quickly and reliably engages guide signals. And its patented no-tune design provides excellent tracking and stability.
  • Raymond 5600 Order Picker Trucks Precise Platform Movement

    Precise Platform Movement

    With variable lift speeds and better control of load handling, operators can get to the pick smoothly and efficiently, without the jerky motion they experience on other brands. Precise feathering of the platform takes the operator closer to the pick.
  • Raymond 5000 Series Orderpicker stock picker truck


    Raymond's clear view mast design and wraparound operator compartment offers a panoramic view of racks, loads and aisles.
  • Raymond 5200 Orderpicker Truck Programmable Performance

    Easy-to-Read Display

    The operator display provides easy to read information to increase efficiency.
  • Raymond 5600 Order Picker Trucks Case Picking Window

    Large Pick Window

    Easily movable sidegates allow operators to open the case-picking window, helping them to be more productive.
  • Raymond 5000 Series Orderpicker stock picker truck

    Smooth Operation

    Patented suspension and smooth mast staging isolate vibrations from the operator.
  • Raymond 5000 Series Orderpicker stock picker truck

    AC Power

    Equipped with our exclusive ACR System, the 5600 Orderpicker has lower maintenance and parts costs, fewer service requirements, increased battery performance, and superior truck utilization rates compared to DC-powered lift trucks. That means a better bottom line for you.
  • Raymond 5000 Series Orderpicker stock picker truck

    Cover Access

    The impact-resistant cover allows easy access to the drive tire and other components for convenient service access.
  • Raymond 5000 Series Orderpicker stock picker truck

    Comprehensive Self-Diagnostics

    Audible and visual signals alert operators instantly when service issues arise, and provide detailed information to simplify troubleshooting and service.
  • Raymond 5000 Series Orderpicker stock picker truck

    Battery Commonality

    Standard battery compartment widths and the 36 volt battery allow for standardization of batteries across various models to reduce battery and charger area.
  • Raymond 5000 Series Orderpicker stock picker truck

    LED Light and Fan Package

    Improve operator visibility for case and piece picking tasks with the optional LED light package.
  • Raymond 5000 Series Orderpicker stock picker truck

    Fully Programmable

    Custom-configure your 5600 Orderpicker truck to accommodate operator skill levels and other variables.
  • Raymond 5000 Series Orderpicker stock picker truck

    Efficient Energy Usage

    Our AC Orderpicker trucks use fewer amps per cycle, so you’ll save on batteries, chargers and downtime. And superior energy efficiency means batteries last longer.
  • Raymond 5000 Series Orderpicker stock picker truck

    Optimal Speed Control

    The optional intellispeed ™ system smoothly coordinates travel speeds and load height. This Raymond-exclusive feature maximizes truck speed as the platform rises, capitalizing on an area of opportunity for providing faster travel between picks compared to conventional speed control.

IADS, in-aisle detection system, operator assist technology
An application specific feature that automatically displays ‘sensor stop’ on the truck display, sounds an audible alarm, and decelerates a truck to a complete stop whenever it detects certain objects in its path (tractor first) and when locked on a wire in very narrow wire guided aisles.
Zoning and Positioning
Zoning and Positioning (ZaP) options ensure more reliable, repeatable truck operation by automatically controlling truck functions, allowing operators to focus on their surroundings and the task at hand.
virtual reality simulator, forklift training
Virtual Reality Simulator
Exclusive teaching tool that puts forklift operators on an actual order picker in the most realistic virtual warehouse to improve skills, confidence, efficiency and retention. Eliminates the need for large dedicated training areas.
Raymond 5200 Orderpicker Truck Intelliguide Wire Guidance
intelliguide™ is a proven, reliable system for customers who are looking to maintain or improve profitability through better management of space, equipment and people. Raymond's patented, no-tune intelliguide wire guidance system offers excellent tracking and stability in narrow aisles.
Raymond 5000 Series Order picker truck intellispeed feature
Advanced intellispeed™ System
Smoothly coordinates travel speeds and load height to maximize truck speed as the platform rises, capitalizing on an area of opportunity for providing faster travel between picks.
Raymond 5200 Orderpicker Truck Lights and Fan Package
Light & Fan Package
The optional light and fan package offers enhanced lighting on the operator's platform, allowing enhanced visibility when order picking.
Raymond 5200 Orderpicker Truck Pallet Clamp
Auto-Locking Pallet Clamp
To improve productivity, our special auto-locking pallet clamp accommodates pallet stringers ranging from 1.25" to 5". So your operations can handle virtually any pallet in the building.
Raymond 5200 Orderpicker Truck Tether Options
Retractable Tether
The retractable tether automatically limits the amount of slack in the tether for increased operator efficiency.

  • Raymond 5000 Series Orderpicker Trucks

    Raymond offers a powerful lineup of Orderpickers in 24 and 36 volts and heights up to 390". Order Pickers featuring our exclusive ACR System™ deliver faster, smoother operation with less downtime and reduced cost of ownership. Raymond orderpickers feature variable lift and lower, simultaneous function control handles and power steering with auto-steer centering to improve load handling to increase productivity.

  • Raymond's intelliguide Wire Guidance System

    Raymond's intelliguide™ is a proven, reliable system for customers who are looking to maintain or improve profitability in their warehouse operations through better management of space, equipment, and people. Raymond's patented intelliguide system provides no-tune wire guidance with excellent tracking and stability for very narrow aisle forklifts.

  • Cold Storage
    1. Refrigerated warehouses, blast freezers, and other cold storage applications require robust control systems. Raymond maintains its own cold storage test facility to replicate the harshest conditions; testing and proving our systems in extreme cycles of freezing and thawing.
  • Order Picking
    1. Boost throughput and pick rates with reliable, high performance Raymond Orderpickers. We can customize our vast selection of models, including lift heights and performance packages to meet any order picking requirements — from wide aisle to high level Very Narrow Aisle (VNA).
  • Palletless Handling
    1. Whether you are moving furniture, cartons or other palletless loads, Raymond has the answer. Our 5000 Series Orderpickers are all ideal options to maximize space utilization, decrease damage to inventory and increase productivity with palletless handling.
  • Very Narrow Aisle
    1. Raymond introduced the first electric narrow aisle straddle truck in 1951, revolutionizing the material handling industry. With over 200 combinations of heights, features and capacities, Raymond trucks for narrow aisle storage offer superior versatility and effective solutions, each improving the utilization of your warehouse space.

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