Raymond intelliguide™ Wire Guidance System

Watch Your Space Multiply

Consumer demands and expectations are leading to a substantial increase in product volume and variety, which requires warehouses to ensure better space utilization and selectivity to these products.  An option is adopting narrow aisles, a concept pioneered by Raymond.  However, moving to more narrow aisles can present the potential for increased lift truck, rack, and product damage.

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    To help circumvent these challenges, Raymond introduced wire guidance to automatically guide forklifts through aisles as a solution to assist in reducing the impact that these can have on your operations. Our fully integrated intelliguide wire guidance, available for very narrow aisle lift trucks including order pickers and turret trucks to automatically guide the vehicles in the aisles.

    With this technology, operators are freed from manual steering tasks and are able to focus on more productive tasks including order picking and pallet storing.

How it Works

  • Step 1

    An electronic reader device (wire sensor) is mounted on the centerline of the truck that receives a signal from a wire buried in a center groove cut in the stacking aisle floor.

  • Step 2

    The sensors on the truck acknowledge the signal from the wire within the floor and control the steering mechanism to enable the truck to follow the wire system automatically.

  • Step 3

    The wire guidance system is integrated with the truck’s braking system so that if the signal is lost the truck will automatically slow down and stop.


+ Increases storage density through narrower aisles + Enhances productivity with faster travel speeds and programmable wire acquisition speeds + Tracks performance in the aisle with advanced alarm and monitoring system
+ Automates positioning of the truck for smoother aisle entry prior to full speed travel + Reduces truck and rack wear/tear + Provides flexibility to warehouse layout if changes are needed

Raymond’s intelliguide wire guidance system is a fully integrated wire guidance option available for very narrow aisle lift trucks including Orderpickers and Swing-Reach Trucks to automatically guide the vehicles in the aisles:

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    Our order pickers deliver exceptional versatility, intuitive handling and easy maintenance and, with a broad range of capabilities, these forklifts can adapt to a variety of warehouse environments and are designed to help you run a faster, smoother operation. Choose from 24-volt or 36-volt units with various height and capacity configurations to exceed the needs of your operation.

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    Swing Reach Trucks

    Our swing-reach trucks are engineered to maximize usable warehouse space, potentially tripling pallet capacity within your existing warehouse footprint while providing significant cost savings. Every swing reach turret truck can be customized to move loads more quickly and efficiently, and enable operators to work smarter, not harder.

Incorporating intelliguide allows the implementation of advanced technologies within your facility to further increase your productivity. Contact your local Sales & Service Center to learn if other automation-related technologies including Zoning and Positioning (ZaP) and In-Aisle Detection System (IADS) can enhance your operations.

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