In-Aisle Detection System - Operator Assist Technology

  • IADS, in-aisle detection, in aisle detection system

    Reinforce Best Practices

    With facilities facing fast pick requirements and high operator turnover, Raymond's In-Aisle Detection System (IADS) helps reinforce best practices for busy lift truck operations and reduce the chance of impacts by:
    + Notifies operators traveling in the tractor-first direction when the system detects objects in the lift truck’s path and will then decelerate to a stop.

    An operator can then continue operation of the truck, but speed is limited to 1 mph until the object has been removed.

  • Available as an option on Raymond Orderpicker and Swing-Reach models, IADS assists in keeping Orderpicker and Swing-Reach trucks separated while on the wire in the aisle, enhancing operator security and confidence in very narrow aisle (VNA) applications.

    While operators must still follow their training and look in the direction of travel, IADS enhances an operator's awareness of their surroundings.

Protect Your Equipment with 3 Layers of Security

  • Performance Specifications
    + Sensor type: LiDAR
    + Programmable Sensing Distance: ≥ 30’

    Orderpickers: 5300/5400/5500/5600
    Swing-Reach Models: 9600/9700 *requires wire guidance

Intelligent Warehouse Solutions

Raymond’s In-Aisle Detection System is just part of a suite of integrated, intelligent solutions designed to enhance operator proficiency, security, awareness and productivity.

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