7000 Series High Capacity Reach & Deep-Reach Trucks

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Reach Higher. Run Longer. Work Smarter.

  • high capacity reach, lift heights


    Raymond Reach Trucks up to 542"
    Competitive Reach Trucks up to 505"

  • high capacity reach, capacity at height


    Raymond Deep-Reach: 505" 2,000 lbs.
    Competitive Deep-Reach: 505" 1,750 lbs.

  • high capacity reach, cycle times


    15% Faster Cycle Times For
    More Pallet Moved Per Hour

As delivery times get shorter and delivery windows get smaller, warehousing and distribution operations continue to move closer to end customers. With space at a premium in urban locations and cost per square foot an ever-present concern, facilities are growing upward, not outward. To work in this environment, you need a fleet of trucks capable of lifting higher, carrying heavier, and working longer.

The Raymond 7000 Series High Capacity Reach & Deep-Reach Trucks offer the highest lift heights in the industry, taking full pallets up to 542”—more than three feet higher than competitive models. The superior capacity means you can handle today’s taller and heavier loads, optimizing your racking and storage capacity for pallet heights ranging from 56” to 72”.

  • high capacity reach truck, reach fork truck

    The Benefits of Random Storage

    By lifting full pallets to the top beam, Raymond High Capacity Reach-Fork trucks let you avoid the capacity-at-height limitations of standard forklifts.

    This allows you to utilize 100% of the slots in your facility for complete random storage and unparalleled flexibility.

    Slow-moving, heavier items can now be stored at height, freeing up more accessible slots for high-demand items so you can minimize travel, restocking, and fulfillment times.

  • high capacity reach truck, reach fork truck

    Take Productivity To New Heights

    Beyond just point-to-point travel time, lift truck productivity hinges on a variety of factors including acceleration, deceleration, lift and lower speeds, and battery consumption.

    Every second counts at every step of a pallet move, and Raymond High Capacity Reach and Deep-Reach trucks are designed to save valuable time throughout the cycle.

    With industry-leading lift, lower, acceleration, and travel speeds, longer battery shift life, and minimized mast sway, our trucks help you maximize the number of pallets moved every hour of every shift.

  • high capacity reach truck, reach fork truck

    More Comfortable & Productive Operators

    Working with high racking can make pallet handling difficult and put a lot of strain on an operator’s neck.

    It also impacts visibility. Raymond’s exclusive Universal Stance configuration allows operators to look straight up at loads for increased comfort, superior visibility, and greater productivity.

    When an operator can face forward and look directly at a rack while storing and retrieving pallets, look-up angles improve by 20 degrees—or 200 inches—compared to standing sideways to the load.

If you need help with the design and layout of your facility—new or existing—to optimize operation, Raymond can consult with your team to recommend and develop solutions tailored to your specific space and needs. Space efficiency and utilization, fleet evaluation services, engineering services and integrated solutions are just some of the warehouse solutions available from the experienced consulting professionals across the Raymond Sales and Service Center network.

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The Highest & Broadest Reach Truck Line In The Industry

Raymond revolutionized the material handling industry with the introduction of the Reach-Fork truck in 1954, and we continue to offer the best-selling, best-engineered reach trucks in North America today. The most comprehensive line on the market with more than 700 configurations, our 7000 Series features an array of tools and technologies to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Raymond 7200 and 7300 Reach-Fork Truck

7200 Reach Truck

+ Engineered with smaller battery compartment options

+ 24-volt performance

Raymond 7200 and 7300 Reach-Fork Truck

7300 Reach Truck

+ Handles smaller footprints to maximize throughput needs

+ 36-volt performance

Raymond Reach-Fork Truck Universal Stack Stance

7500 Reach Truck

+ Ideal for high rack applications

+ Offers greater visibility and postural relief

Raymond Sit Stand Reach-Fork Truck

7700 Reach Truck

+ Ideal for long travel distances

+ All-day comfort and productivity for long runs