7310 4-D Reach-Fork Truck Multi Directional Forklift

  • Raymond 7310 4-D Reach with Universal Stance
    Raymond ergonomic lift trucks

    Universal Stance

    A Raymond-exclusive configuration, provides greater visibility and operator comfort in either direction.
    Universal Stance
  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Truck Front View
    Raymond lift trucks provide versatile material handling solutions

    4-Directional Travel

    Articulating load wheels add lateral maneuverability to standard forward and rearward movement, eliminating right-angle turns.
    4-Directional Travel
  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Truck ACR System
    Raymond lift trucks are engineered for Eco-Performance

    ACR System

    Reduced energy and maintenance costs, quicker acceleration and smoother directional changes.
    ACR System
  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Battery State of Charge display
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks

    Operator's Display

    Provides a quick reference indicator of 4-D travel direction, with mode indicator lights for easy directional selection and automatic positioning.
    Operator's Display
  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Truck Rugged Reach Scissor Mechanism
    Raymond lift trucks are designed for ease of maintenance

    Solid Reach Mechanism

    Torsion tube anti-friction scissor designed with radial thrust bearings extend the life of the mast and scissor mechanism.
    Solid Reach Mechanism

Increase Storage up to 40%

The Raymond 7310 4-D reach truck is a multi directional forklift that eliminates the need for right-angle turns, reducing the aisle width needed for long load handling and bulky loads. This narrow aisle forklift features a unique four-directional travel mode that enables outstanding maneuverability and efficiency, and results in less damage. 

  • Battery: 36 volts
  • Capacity: 4,500 lbs.
  • Elevated Height: 270" maximum

Raymond Reach Trucks Are Built For Productivity

  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Truck, Long Load Forklift increase storage

    Increase Storage Capacity

    The Raymond 4-Directional long load forklift allows up to 40% more storage by reducing aisle widths and eliminating the need for right-angle turns.

  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Truck Clear View Mast

    Open View Mast

    Allows the operator to see the baselegs, load, and rack.

  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Long Load Forklift in Lumber Application

    Speed and Acceleration

    Delivers unmatched speed and acceleration, with precise torque control for fine maneuvering and travel over uneven floors.

Raymond Reach Trucks Are Built For Eco-Performance

  • Raymond electric reach fork trucks have excellent eco-performance

Raymond 7310. Programmable Versatility. Operator Efficiency.

  • raymond 7310, versatility

    • Four-directional Capability
      Lateral maneuverability, in addition to forward and rearward movement, allows for narrower aisles and aids operators in handling long, bulky loads with less damage.

    • Performance for Each Operator
      Programmable performance features allows managers to set truck performance to suit individual operator experience and training.

Raymond 7310 Ergonomics Built for You

  • Raymond Reach-Fork trucks universal stance handle

    Single-axis Control Handle

    Easy, intuitive and designed for comfort; provides simultaneous control of travel, lift, load handling, and horn.

  • Raymond reach truck step height

    Low Step Height

    The 9.25-inch entry-step height helps operators avoid unnecessary climbing for easier entry into the compartment.

  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional reach operator compartment

    Comfortable Compartment

    The padded, wraparound compartment provides shift-long comfort.

Raymond Reach Trucks Have Fewer Parts For Easier Maintenance

  • Raymond Reach Trucks easy load wheel change

Raymond 7310 Applications

  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Long Load Forklift in Lumber Application

    Long Load Handling

    Whether you are handling bar stock, tubing, lumber or other long and bulky loads, the Raymond 4-D Reach-Fork truck can increase your storage space by up to 40%. With a wide range of trucks built for specific long load handling applications and innovations, Raymond makes it easy to maximize your space.

  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Long Load Handling forklift

    Palletless Handling

    Whether you are moving carpeting, steel, or other palletless loads, Raymond has the answer. The 4-Directional Reach truck is one of several options Raymond offers to maximize space utilization, decrease damage to inventory and increase productivity with palletless handling.

  • warehouse rack

    Specialty Rack

    The Raymond 4-D Reach truck can interface with every industry-standard warehouse rack. If you have selective, double deep, drive-in/drive-thru, cantilever, pallet flow or push back racks, Raymond has a solution that will help maximize your storage capacity and productivity.

Raymond 7310 Options

  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Truck Auxiliary Carriage Option

    Auxiliary Carriage

    Easily handle long, flexible loads needing additional support with the optional auxiliary fork carriage, available in widths from 8.5 feet to 15 feet overall.

  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Smaller Battery Compartments Available

    Battery Compartments

    Choose from 16-inch, 18-inch or 21-inch battery compartment configurations to suit your application.

  • Fork-Tip Laser Guide for Raymond Reach-Fork Trucks

    Fork-tip Laser Guide

    Assists operators for faster loading and unloading of pallets at height by providing a clearly visible laser guide on the pallet.

  • Height Tilt Indicator for Raymond Reach Forklifts

    Height-tilt Indicator

    Digital readout shows height of forks and condition of tilt. Ideal for lift heights above 200-inches.

  • Raymond 7310 4-Directional Reach Truck Long Load Forklift sideshift feature


    Minimize time to position and stack loads closer together with the optional sideshift feature, which allows sideways movement of the carriage to enable the operator to better position a load or forks and also permits a load to be picked up even if it is not perfectly aligned with the truck.

  • Raymond Vantage Point Camera for High Rack in Narrow Aisle Applications

    Vantage Point Camera

    The color display monitor mounted in the operator’s compartment helps the operator to identify, place and retrieve pallets at greater heights.

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