7500 Dockstance Reach Truck Stand Up Reach Forklift

  • Raymond Forklift Truck, Reach lift AC motor
    Raymond lift trucks are engineered for Eco-Performance

    ACR System

    Delivers 24/7 performance; quiet, smooth and precise traction and lift; more runtime per battery charge; and lower energy costs overall.
    ACR System
  • raymond forklift baselegs
    Raymond lift trucks provide stability for operator confidence

    Ductile Iron Baselegs

    Ductile iron is 30% stronger and more durable than steel, ensuring reliable load support and enhanced strength and durability.
    Ductile Iron Baselegs
  • integrated display, telematics, reach truck
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks

    Integrated Touchscreen Display

    A suite of technologies and telematics built right into the control system of the Reach Truck.
    Integrated Touchscreen Display
  • Raymond Dockstance Reach Truck open view mast
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks

    Open View Mast

    Operators can clearly see the baselegs, load and rack, giving way to precise control and a faster, more efficient operation.
    Open View Mast
  • Reach Lift, Raymond Forklift A frame suspension
    Raymond lift trucks provide stability for operator confidence

    Steered Idler

    Automatically aligns the steered idler wheel with the drive tire to provide full-time traction and steering alignment; provides lateral support, stability and prevents caster snap.
    Steered Idler
  • Raymond Reach Truck Efficient Design
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks

    Efficient by Design

    We utilize materials with weight-to-strength ratios that deliver durability and greater energy efficiency.
    Efficient by Design

Do More With Less

The Raymond 7500 Dockstance Reach-Fork truck is an ideal reach forklift for dock areas and applications with shorter travel distances and lower lift heights. Operators accustomed to sidestance operation will appreciate the performance, visibility and ergonomic features of the Raymond 7500 sidestance reach forklift.

  • Battery: 36 volts
  • Capacity: 3,500 lbs. to 4,500 lbs.
  • Elevated Height: 444" maximum
  • Customized for Your Applications:: Hundreds of configurations available to meet your specific needs

Raymond Reach Trucks Are Built For Productivity

  • Raymond reach trucks visibility

    Productivity Is Driven by Acceleration

    The ACR System provides industry-leading acceleration and deceleration. In third-party testing, the 7500 Reach-Fork truck delivered 9% faster cycle times than competing narrow aisle forklifts.

  • reach lift, Raymond reach fork truck open view mast

    Open View Mast

    Unequaled visibility provides more control and precise handling of pallets and load transports.

  • Raymond reach forklift suspension system

    Exclusive Steered Idler

    Prevents caster snap, reducing the time it takes an operator to back away from a rack with a load at high elevations - making the most of uptime.

Raymond Reach Trucks Are Built For Eco-Performance

  • Raymond electric reach fork trucks have excellent eco-performance

Raymond Reach Trucks Offer Vertical Stability For Operators

  • reach truck

    • A-Frame Suspension
      Delivers smooth, precise handling with full-time traction and steering alignment.

    • Steered Idler Design
      Automatically aligns with the drive wheel to prevent caster snap and provides rock-solid stability at high elevations, increasing operator confidence.

    • Unique Inertial Dampener
      Shocks and sways are reduced before they reach the operator compartment - enhancing stability and operator performance.

Ergonomics Built for You

  • Raymond Reach-Fork trucks universal stance handle

    Single-axis Control Handle

    Simultaneous function with intuitive vehicle controls that are easy to learn, for greater operator confidence and productivity.

  • Raymond reach truck step height

    Low Entry-step Height

    Easier compartment entry helps operators avoid unnecessary, minimizing fatigue over the course of a shift.

Raymond Reach Trucks Have Fewer Parts For Easier Maintenance

  • Raymond Reach Trucks easy load wheel change

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