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    In warehousing facilities, even small enhancements in productivity and efficiency can have a big impact on your bottom line. Our intelligent warehouse technology solutions are designed to help you run better and manage smarter, in all areas of your operations. Enhance the efficiency, reliability, and productivity of your operation with the most complete intralogistics capabilities in the industry.

iWAREHOUSE Evolution™ Suite
Scalable Solution. Actionable Information.

iWAREHOUSE Evolution™ is a single, scalable telematics solution that collects and reports on vehicle and operator data to help drive productivity across your operations—for five vehicles or fifty, in one location or many. As part of iWAREHOUSE Evolution platform, your solution is scalable to incorporate enterprise-level features to meet your growing business needs.

  • iTRACK

    Fleet & Asset Management

    If there’s a cost associated with a particular asset in your organization, iTRACK can help you monitor and manage it. Vehicles, materials, assets, service, work orders, maintenance costs and response times are all tracked and reported, giving you more complete information and control over expenditures.

  • iW Essential

    Operator & Fleet Managment

    Lets you manage all your powered industrial vehicles—in every location—as if you were right next to them on the facility floor. It’s the ideal tool to make sure nothing slips through the cracks in today’s regulated warehouse environments.

  • iW Enterprise

    Warehouse Optimization

    Combining warehouse metrics with real-time operator and fleet data, the system gives you the information you need—when you need it— to take more proactive actions and make more impactful decisions.

  • Your Gateway to Faster, More
    Informed Decisions

    The iWAREHOUSE GATEWAY® web portal puts actionable iTRACK® and iWAREHOUSE® data at your fingertips, helping you to make more informed decisions anytime, anywhere.

    Access your fleet and operator data from any web-enabled device, anytime, anywhere. Identify issues, monitor trends, dispatch service, monitor equipment utilization and operator performance—and more—from a single, convenient web portal.

iWAREHOUSE Notification & Location Systems
Enhance Awareness. Actionable Results.

  • Raymond, iWarehouse FieldSense, Notification System

    iWAREHOUSE FieldSense

    iW.FieldSense is a robust proximity notification system designed to alert pedestrians and lift truck operators when they come within a predefined distance of properly equipped trucks and pedestrians.

Labor Optimization
Optimize Your Warehouse. Maximize Productivity.

  • Raymond Lean Management

    Raymond can help you achieve all of the above with our Lean Management System. Built on the proven foundation and principles of the world-renowned Toyota Production System, our Lean Management program combines tailored training, collaboration, and consultation.

  • iWAREHOUSE Labor Management System

    As labor markets tighten and operations become leaner, understanding your cost and productivity of labor is crucial. iWAREHOUSE Labor Management System (LMS) provides business analytics to maximize employee utilization and productivity.

Picking Solutions
Improve Operator Accuracy. Build Confidence.

Operator assist technologies increase operator proficiency, accuracy, and productivity, ultimately assisting in the optimization process by creating efficient labor processes and leading you to automation. And, they allow you to do more with less.

  • pick2pallet, pallet truck

    Pick2Pallet LED Light System

    The Pick2Pallet LED Light System is a pick to light system designed to help reduce picking errors by using LED technology to visually reinforce product placement for order fulfillment in batch picking applications.

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  • In-Aisle Detection System, IADS, Operator Assist

    In-Aisle Detection System

    The In-Aisle Detection System is an application specific feature that automatically displays ‘sensor stop’ on the truck display, sounds an audible alarm, and decelerates a truck to a complete stop whenever it detects certain objects in its path (tractor first) and when locked on a wire in very narrow wire guided aisles.

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  • Image of Raymond Forklift equipped with Advance Operator Assist Technology with operator walking parallel to the truck in a warehouse.

    Raymond Advance
    Operator Assist Technology

    Raymond Advance Operator Assist Technology minimizes the pick cycle time by allowing the operator to remotely command the truck to travel tractor-first in an aisle between picks. The operator can remain on the floor in optimal picking position, minimizing travel to and from the truck.

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  • Zoning and Positioning

    Zoning and Positioning (ZaP) options ensure more reliable, repeatable truck operation by automatically controlling truck functions, allowing operators to focus on their surroundings and the task at hand.

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