Enhance Picking Efficiency and Operator Productivity
Raymond Advance
Operator Assist Technology

  • 8510, Raymond Advance

    In-Aisle Remote Control Travel

    By equipping operators with the patent-pending Raymond Advance Operator Assist Technology, low-level picking redundancies and operator fatigue can be reduced for greater efficiency and productivity.

    Optimize your processes today. Raymond’s Support Services team takes the time to understand and assess your application and ensure this technology is a good fit for your facility.

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    Streamline Workflows. Increase Productivity.

    The Raymond Advance Operator Assist technology minimizes the pick cycle time by allowing the operator to remotely command the truck to travel tractor-first in an aisle between picks.

            + Increases efficiency by optimizing operator picking position from pick-to-pick
            + Reduces operator physical demands by minimizing truck mounts and dismounts

    *Productivity increases are generated from simulation and are not guaranteed and actual gain may vary based on multiple factors including but not limited to the type of product being picked, operator experience, number of picks per aisle and aisle length. Assumptions: Operator walking speed: 3 mph, Distance between picks: 40 ft, Avg. pick per pallet: 40, Avg. pick time: 5 sec, Aisle length: 400 ft.

  • Image of Raymond forklift demonstrating how Advance Operator Assist Technology zoning works.

    In-Aisle Navigation and Obstacle Detection

    When the truck travels in the tractor-first direction, a Laser Sensor Unit and three fields of detection help navigate the truck and detect obstacles in its path to minimize impacts and product damage.

    + Operator can select either side of an aisle to navigate, and the truck will keep a predetermined distance from the rack

    + Operator is always in control and can override the tracking function at any time

  • Image of Raymond Forklift equipped with Advance Operator Assist Technology  with operator walking parallel to the truck in a warehouse.

    Better Performance in the Palm of Your Hand

    + Comfortable operation in either hand
            – Optional remote holder available for increased operator
               convenience and comfort
    + Easy Sterilization - durable, polycarbonate shell
    + "Tap & Go" functionality for rapid Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing
    + Selector interface displays system status at a glance

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    Versatility When You Need It – Manual or Remote Operation

    The optional, intuitive jog button lets operators use the truck in manual mode, jogging it forward using the control handle.

    + Allows facilities flexibility with differing skill sets

    + As operator confidence increases, the Raymond Advance Operator Assist Technology becomes a logical next step

  • Turn Your Trucks Into the Ultimate Picking Machines

    Raymond offers integrated multimodal technologies that can be added to your base trucks.

    By combining the Raymond Advance Operator Assist Technology with our patented Pick2Pallet LED Light System, you can experience even greater picking efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

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