Merchandise Warehouse Reaches the Next Level With Radioshuttle


    Merchandise Warehouse was pushing its 400,000 square foot multi-temperature facility to its limit due to common warehouse operations and traditional pallet racking. The facility was bursting at its seams and customers were wanting even more space for product. The growth, along with Merchandise Warehouse’s more aggressive pursuit of the latest technologies, presented an opportunity to act on the company’s motto: “take it to the next level.”


    Merchandise Warehouse needed solutions that would maximize efficiency, so it turned to Associated, its local Raymond authorized Solutions and Support Center, to help take the facility to the next level. Together they assessed current operations and technologies to determine the best options for upgrading and improving warehousing operations. The solution: high-density, deep lane racking and Radioshuttle™, a pallet shuttle system available exclusively from Raymond.


    Due to successful collaboration among the parties, the process improvement and upgrade solution helped optimize the entire warehouse. This included adding over 14,000 more pallet positions, while keeping staffing levels the same. “Overall, the warehouse was more efficient — 44 percent more efficient to be exact,” said Scott Whiting, vice president and general manager at Merchandise Warehouse. Overall, Merchandise Warehouse doubled its freezer storage size, almost doubled efficiency, cut the opportunity for product damage and time required for spacer removal in half, and didn’t have to add staff.

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