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High Density Pallet Racking Systems

  • Versatile Pallet Handling

    Maintain maximum selectivity and increase your operational efficiency with the Radioshuttle pallet shuttle. Radioshuttle, also known as a pallet runner, is a semi-automated storage and retrieval system that allows for a maximum use of warehouse space. Easily managed with a remote control, the Radioshuttle pallet shuttle is loaded into storage loads and executes orders to load or unload pallets into a lane. The lanes are fed pallets by lift trucks such as reach trucks or sit down forklifts.

  • Raymond radioshuttle

    Radioshuttle Pallet Shuttle

    The Radioshuttle pallet shuttle system provides high-density storage flexibility and customized designs for effective pallet handling. Battery-powered and remote-operated, Radioshuttle allows operators to work elsewhere while it is busy transporting pallets.

  • Raymond radio shuttle FILO application

    Radioshuttle Applications

    The Radioshuttle pallet runner system provides high-density storage and versatile pallet handling for applications with multiple pallets of storage for each SKU.

  • pallet racking systems, pallet shuttle, radio shuttle

    Radioshuttle Pallet Racking System

    The Radioshuttle racking system and guidance rail aid the operator in loading Radioshuttle units into the structure and guides pallets into the first position.

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