Increase Efficiency And Productivity With Lean Management Strategies

  • Hesselbein Tire Co., Inc., improves retention and optimizes operations utilizing Raymond Lean Management (RLM)

    Hesselbein Tire Co., Inc., a leading tire wholesaler in North America, was experiencing challenges with employee retention at several of its facilities across the southern United States. To better keep up with demand and ensure it was well positioned for future growth, Hesselbein turned to The Raymond Corporation and authorized Raymond Solutions and Support Center, Malin, for a solution that would help optimize its operations and improve employee retention.

  • Hesselbein Tires using Raymond Forklifts

    Challenge: Warehouse Employee Turnover

    Working with The Raymond Corporation, Hesselbein identified key areas of improvement, including the movement of product throughout the facility and culture challenges. However, employee turnover continued to be the critical challenge to address. The tire company was experiencing a turnover rate of more than 60% by the time it began working with Raymond.

  • Solution: Raymond Lean Management

    The Raymond team proposed the company implement its Raymond Lean Management (RLM) system to help improve retention and optimize operations within Hesselbein’s facilities. Impressed by Raymond’s deep knowledge of lean management principles and the fact Raymond successfully used those principles within its own organization, Hesselbein selected Raymond to help it implement RLM within its organization.

  • Hesselbein Tires working with Raymond to review lean management strategies

    "Our team members know what problems we need to work on to make our business better. And with RLM, they now have the tools and the beginnings of our continuous improvement culture to make it happen,"

    — Chris Pope, General Manager, Hesselbein Tire Co., Inc.

  • In addition to implementing RLM principles, Raymond helped Hesselbein identify problems the existing equipment was causing at its facilities and worked with the company to upgrade equipment to further optimize operations.

  • Hesselbein Tires Staff

    Result: Dramatic Employee Turnover Rate Reduction From 60% To 25%

    Through standardized processes, Hesselbein was able to optimize operations to increase employee retention, identify root causes of defects and build in quality throughout its processes. RLM helped create a more engaged employee culture, resulting in higher morale, workforce retention and, ultimately, better service for customers. As employee engagement increased, the turnover rate decreased from 60% to 25%.

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