Whitepaper: Lithium-Ion Batteries From Energy Essentials Distributed by Raymond

Lithium-ion batteries from Energy Essentials distributed by Raymond

Our line of lithium-ion batteries offer constant communication and data exchange between the lift truck and battery to provide full visibility into real-time state of charge, fault codes, maintenance and even enable remote diagnostics and upgrades. Dedicated to providing high quality solutions, we've designed these batteries to seamlessly integrate into our family of forklifts while giving you peace of mind as they have all obtained the UL Listed certification.

How Raymond Keeps You Energized

  1. How Lithium-Ion Energy Solutions can Optimize Your Operations
  2. Understanding Lithium-Ion
  3. Exploring Offerings and Planning
  4. Material Innovation
  5. Total Cost of Ownership Compared to Competitor


Have questions? The Raymond Energy Solutions business team or your local Solutions and Support Center can assist in the energy selection process. We routinely conduct power studies and application reviews to aid customer equipment and power selections. We can match the truck, battery, charger and supporting technology options to provide you with the best, most efficient experience in your operations. Training and support services are ready to assist your personnel after the new equipment is commissioned. Why choose one benefit when you can have them all? One contact, one satisfied customer. Contact us today!

Lithium-Ion Whitepaper

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