Automating A Solution To Today's Labor Shortage

From skilled to reliable, permanent or seasonal, labor is becoming increasingly hard to find and difficult to afford. Automation is becoming an inevitable and invaluable option for warehousing, manufacturing and distribution operations.

Fast Payback

Raymond Courier Trucks deliver fast payback and low total cost of ownership.


Vision Guided technology allows for easy implementation as routes can be programmed and reprogrammed quickly and as needed - by your operators.


Routes can be transferred via USB - easily add trucks to your fleet, adjust assignments or redeploy.


Raymond Courier Trucks help with labor shortages and fluctuations by automating repetitive, low-value tasks.

Enhanced Options to Further Automate Your Workflows

Calculate Your Cost Savings by Switching to Lithium-Ion

  • Lithium ion battery

    Our line of lithium-ion batteries, compatible with our family of forklifts, showcases our dedication to advancement. These batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate into your lift trucks providing advanced data insights and wireless communication for remote diagnostics and upgrades.

    Use our Lithium-ion ROI calculator to calculate the cost savings you could be receiving by switching to Lithium-ion batteries within your current fleet.

Use the tables below to find the right Raymond Courier Truck for your application:

  • Warehousing 3030 3220 3020 3010
    Inbound Staging to Putaway
    (floor to rack storage up to 72")
    Staging to Pick & Drop Location
    Crossdock (staging to staging)
    Inbound Staging to Warehouse
    Pallets from Pick & Drop to
    Outbound Staging
    Trash/Dunnage Transport
    Outbound Pallet Picking (rack or conveyor to floor)
    Layer picking to Outbound Staging
    Order Pallets/Carts to Pack-Out
    Pallets to Wrapper/Wrapper to Outbound Staging

  • Manufacturing 3030 3220 3020 3010
    Inbound Staging to Putaway
    (floor to rack storage up to 72")
    Staging to Pick & Drop Location
    Inbound Staging to Inventory
    Kitted Parts-to-Line
    Sub-Assembly to Assembly Line
    Empty Container Management
    Trash/Dunnage Transport
    Outbound Finished Goods to Warehouse
    Finished Goods to Outbound
    Finished Goods to Outbound Staging


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