Very Narrow Aisle Warehousing

Material Handling Solutions for Very Narrow Aisles (VNA)

No matter the industry, demand for your product or service could be reaching all-time highs at a quicker rate than you expected. As more goods are needed to be stocked in your warehouse, the risk of running out of room to store these goods could mean lower fulfillment times. Very narrow aisle solutions allow for more goods to be stored and accessed, allowing you to better fulfill orders as they come in.

  • warehouse

    Warehouse Optimization

    With narrow aisles, you can store the same amount of goods in less space, or store more in the space you have.

  • racking

    Increased Selectivity

    Narrower aisles give you more rack faces and more access to stored goods, with less travel time in between picks.

  • fulfillment

    Greater Productivity

    By adopting narrow aisles, you may be able to increase up to 80% of your existing storage space.

  • Raymond Very Narrow Aisle Solutions

    Watch Your Space Multiply

    Raymond created the narrow aisle concept, helping companies to grow vertically without having to expand horizontally. Our trucks can operate in aisles that are less than half the width required by conventional forklifts, with a greater stack height capability.

    However narrow your aisles or tall your storage systems, Raymond forklifts offer the flexibility to access virtually any racking area in your warehouse to help you take productivity—and profitability—to new heights.

Explore our interactive storage space efficiency guide to see the potential increase in available storage space.

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  • Raymond Swing Reach Truck

    Swing Reach Trucks

    Our Swing-Reach trucks can potentially triple pallet capacity within your existing warehouse footprint while providing significant cost savings.

  • Raymond Orderpicker Truck

    Order Pickers

    Our Order Pickers can adapt to a variety of warehouse environments, load sizes, and applications while allowing you to optimize storage capacity by operating in narrow aisles and at high picking levels.

  • Raymond Sideloader


    Sideloaders excel at transporting, rack storage, feeding machine tools and work cells, and moving materials in very narrow aisles and stacking up to 30 feet high.

  • intelliguide, wire guidance, narrow aisles

    intelligide® Wire Guidance

    Further optimize your narrow aisle facility with the implementation of intelligide, our fully integrated wire guidance option available for Orderpickers and Swing-Reach Trucks which frees operators from steering responsibilities, minimizes operator injuries, and product and rack damage to allow more focus for order picking and pallet replenishment tasks.


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