• Warehouse operator using Raymond's pick 2 pallet operator assist while picking.
    6 min read

    Maximizing Worker and Facility Performance with Warehouse and Distribution Operator Assist Technologies

    Learn how operator assist technologies can boost operator efficiency and reinforce best practices in fast-paced warehouse and distribution environments.

  • Conveyor system in a warehouse with Raymond Forklifts in background
    6 min read

    Industry 4.0: Refining the Art of Data Utilization

    Between all the seemingly disparate systems, applications and processes designed to capture data, it might be easy to forget why we’re collecting it in the first place. Sure, your labor management system tracks time and your warehouse management system collects operational data all while your equipment delivers performance data, but is that it? After all the money, effort and time you’ve devoted to data collection, is that the extent of its value and usefulness? The principles of Industry 4.0 say it’s not.

  • Raymond Forklifts with cost efficient Engery solutions
    6 min read

    Maximizing Profits with Raymond Energy Leasing: A Path to Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

    Today’s electric forklifts offer performance that meets the needs of the most common lift truck applications but with dramatically reduced maintenance requirements and with data collection capabilities that are quickly becoming essential to facility and resource optimization.

Plant Services: Today's Optimized Facility

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  • Raymond Equipment Leasing, Forklift lease, forklift for sale
    5 min read

    Leasing advice for your changing operation

    In today’s dynamic material handling landscape, flexibility is important — especially when it comes to sourcing and leasing forklifts and intralogistics solutions for an operation. Learn the importance of working with a trusted provider that can ensure operations get the equipment and appropriate financing that is tailored to meet their unique needs.

  • labor management system, warehouse optimization
    5 min read

    How to get value out of a labor management system

    Warehouse managers know that increasing efficiency and productivity are key factors in overall profitability and success. But you may not know the extent to which data can help with making better decisions and improving your bottom line.

  • labor management system
    5 min read

    Why warehouse labor tracking and management matters

    Examine the different approaches to pulling in data and how creating a labor management system with multiple data sources can create a more effective and efficient warehouse.

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