There's no such thing as perfect. That's why we keep making it better.

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  • Raymond Corporation Plant and Headquarters in Greene, NY

    A History as the First, a Reputation for the Best

    We’ve been finding better ways to keep industries and businesses moving for more than 90 years. We’re not about to stop now. Raymond has built its reputation on innovation, quality and service. These values — backed by our team of skilled and talented people—have made us a world-recognized leader in our industry. Our enduring goal is to design and build the best electric lift trucks and material handling solutions in the business and to serve our customers with unwavering commitment.

    Since patenting the first hand pallet truck to the invention of the Reach-Fork® truck to our pioneering work in narrow aisle applications and beyond, Raymond has led the way in providing customers with the tools and expertise to improve their business.

An Industry Pioneer

  • Raymond Corporation Quality

    Right From the Start

    At Raymond, we stand behind what we build. Our constant focus is to deliver the utmost quality and to work for continuous improvement every day, in every aspect of our business. Click to read our quality and environmental policies.

  • Raymond Forklift Maintenance and Lift Truck Service

    We're More Than Just Trucks

    We take pride in the quality of service we provide to keep our customers’ operations up and running. Raymond is committed to delivering efficient, effective and innovative solutions tailored to meet our customers’ changing needs.

  • Raymond Eco-Performance Engineered Lift Trucks

    Performance Without Compromise

    Raymond eco-efficient lift trucks use less energy than competing models, costing you less and saving your operators time spent charging. Learn more about how Eco-Performance can help lower your operating costs.

Highlights of Raymond's Innovations in Material Handling

  • Small-town Roots Grow to World-class Success

    From a small village in central New York to the farthest corners of the world, The Raymond Corporation's world-class success began when George Raymond Sr. purchased a foundry in the village of Greene, New York, in 1922. With an eye for innovation and a vision for the future, George Raymond surrounded himself with talented employees who revolutionized the material handling industry.
    George Raymond Sr. founder of The Raymond Corporation
  • Patent for the double-faced wooden pallet

    The Double-faced Wooden Pallet

    It began with the design and patent for the wooden pallet in 1939 — what we now know as a double-faced wooden pallet.
  • Raymond Corporation Hand Pallet Truck Patent

    Hydraulic Hand Lift Truck

    On Nov. 7, 1939, George Raymond, Sr. and employee William House were granted a patent for the first hydraulic hand pallet truck, which was to be used in unison with the double-faced wooden pallet.
  • Chris Gibson, patent for the first powered narrow aisle truck

    The First Narrow Aisle Truck

    In 1949, Christian D. Gibson began work designing the first narrow aisle truck. George Raymond Sr. and Christian D. Gibson were granted a patent for the power-driven, narrow aisle material handling truck in 1951 — pioneering the narrow aisle concept.
  • Raymond narrow aisle forklift patent

    Narrow Aisle Principles of Design

    The Lyon-Raymond Model 700 SpaceMaker truck was the first electric, narrow aisle lift truck. It was able to work in aisles less than 7 feet wide. Designed without a counterbalancing chassis, the vehicle preserved its gravitational integrity by straddling the pallet with baselegs, the basic principle for all narrow aisle trucks from that point on. This truck made The Lyon-Raymond Corporation the undisputed leader in the material handling industry.
  • Early Swing Reach Turret Truck by The Raymond Corporation

    Very Narrow Aisle Beginnings

    Raymond introduced very narrow aisle to North America in the 1970s with the first Swing-Reach® truck.
  • circuit

    Technological Advancements

    As technology rapidly improved, The Raymond Corporation launched the first microprocessor-controlled lift truck in North America in 1986.
  • Raymond ergonomic control handle on pallet truck

    Ergonomic Designs Enhance Operation

    Raymond is an ergonomic leader in the world of material handling. The ergonomically advanced control handle was introduced by The Raymond Corporation in 1991. It allows the operator to execute all the functions of a lift truck with one hand.
  • Raymond developed the first AC powered Reach truck

    AC Power

    Raymond introduced the first AC-powered Reach-Fork® truck built in North America in 2001, on the 50th anniversary of the first narrow aisle truck. AC power improves productivity, increases work done per battery charge and significantly reduces maintenance costs.
  • Raymond reach truck with fuel cell, fuel cell forklift

    Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Material Handling

    In partnership with hydrogen fuel cell manufacturers and our customers, The Raymond Corporation began the research and development of the application of fuel cells to battery-powered lift trucks in 2007, and developed the industry's first fuel cell-compatible orderpicker truck.
  • iWAREHOUSE Fleet Optimization System

    Optimization Solutions

    In 2008 The Raymond Corporation introduced iWAREHOUSE, the industry's most comprehensive, customizable fleet optimization system. Like our world-class lift trucks, we strive to continuously improve our fleet optimization solutions to deliver greater efficiencies and cost savings to our customers. Today, the iWAREHOUSE fleet and warehouse optimization system suite of solutions includes iBATTERY industrial battery management, iTRACK maintenance tracking and asset management, and iWAREHOUSE Labor Management (iW LMS), an intelligent labor management system — to deliver greater visibility into your operations.

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