LiftLiner Tow Tractor Train Industrial Cart

  • k hartwall industrial liftliner, turning
    Raymond automated lift trucks provide flexible automation

    Liftliner U-Turn

    Patented crossbar coupling system allows sharper turns and superior cornering.
    Liftliner U-Turn
  • k hartwall industrial liftliner
    Raymond ergonomic lift trucks

    Unloading Mother Cart

    Easy to operate and access from both sides
    Unloading Mother Cart
  • k hartwall industrial liftliner, scissor mobility
    Raymond lift trucks provide maneuverability


    Compact & safe scissor coupling
  • k hartwall industrial liftliner


    Operates with inclines up to 10 percent.

Transport goods with greater agility, flexibility, and efficiency.

Ideal for streamlining an array of logistics applications, the K. Hartwall LiftLiner is the most innovative and compact Tow Tractor Train on the market. Designed for exceptional maneuverability, flexibility, and stability, LiftLiner Tow Tractor Train makes it easier to navigate tight aisles and turns, and allows a single operator to comfortably and confidently handle loads up to 2200 lbs*
* 2200lbs (1000kg) is capacity per load bay

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  • Dimensions of Daughter Carts: 32" x 30"
    48" x 40"
    48" x 45"
  • Max load per Daughter Cart/loading bay: 2200 lbs
  • Tare weight (LiftLiner pair): 880 lbs.
  • Lifting range: 2.4”
  • Overall length (per pair, standard coupling): 133”
  • Overall Width: 47”
  • Max Train Load: 13,200 lbs.

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