The Raymond Corporation & Bastian Solutions

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Systems Integration for Enhanced Productivity & Fast ROI

Raymond Intralogistics Solutions brings together the experience and expertise of three world leaders in material handling to help you integrate, automate, manage, and optimize your processes and workflows.

By combining the resources and capabilities of Raymond’s Solutions and Support Centers and Bastian Solutions, we provide a single source solution covering the manufacture, design, integration, and service of your equipment—everything from lift trucks and conveyors to automation and pallet handling systems. Enhance the efficiency, reliability, and productivity of your operation with the most complete intralogistics capabilities in the industry.

Automation Services & Technologies from Bastian

Bastian ensures your intelligent systems work together more seamlessly and efficiently. From initial consultation to system integration, we’re with you every step of the way.

  • Material Handling Consultation

    Let us analyze your operation and help identify the need for new equipment, racking, or automated systems.

    Warehouse Management Software Integration

    We’ll ensure all your systems “talk” to each other for smoother operation, greater control, and simpler management.

  • Automation Integration

    Expert installation and project management services ensure a quick and efficient process. Receive expert guidance on integrating a wide range of automated material handling solutions, including:
    - Conveyors
    - Automated guided vehicles
    - Industrial robotics
    - Automated picking technologies
    - Automated storage and retrieval systems
    - Goods-to-person picking systems
    - Automated order fulfillment
    - IoT asset-tracking solutions
    - Industrial control systems

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