Eco-Performance Energy-efficient Lift Trucks

Eco-Performance Engineered Lift Trucks

  • A Unique Design Philosophy

    Eco-Performance increases productivity while reducing energy consumption on every truck. By combining precise technology with finely tuned engineering, Raymond lift trucks deliver superior performance that other forklifts cannot match in efficiency or productivity. This keeps operator and truck productivity high through every shift, while lowering your total cost of ownership.

Increasing Productivity and Efficiency

  • Raymond Eco-Performance Engineered Lift Trucks

    Move More, Faster

    With Raymond's exclusive ACR System, you can count on quick acceleration and smoother directional changes. Plus significantly more uptime, easier diagnostics and fewer maintenance points than comparable AC motors. By leveraging the latest technologies, Eco-Performance ensures that Raymond trucks run smoother and faster than the competition.

  • iWAREHOUSE Enterprise Warehouse Optimization

    Increase Productivity

    Our trucks are engineered to deliver quicker acceleration, faster speeds and less downtime, so you do more work with every battery charge. The Raymond 4250 Stand-Up Counterbalanced truck achieves up to 9% faster cycle times than the competition. That’s how Eco-Performance helps you move more pallets per shift for increased productivity.

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    Lower Your Operating and Energy Costs

    With Raymond trucks, you’ll achieve a lower total cost of ownership by moving more pallets per shift with fewer battery changes and greater energy savings, without increasing labor costs. It's our way of maximizing your economic and ecological benefits, and delivering a greater return on your investment.

The Power to Make a Difference in Energy Costs

  • Raymond Reach-Fork Trucks ACR System Drive Motor

    Save Power

    Raymond saves your operations power and energy with the ACR System. Not only does this technology lower your rate of energy consumption, it adds up to changing batteries less often and fewer batteries used over a truck’s life. All of which helps you save downtime, battery and electricity costs. Take the Raymond 8410 End Rider Pallet truck, for example — it uses up to 33% less energy than the competition. That’s what we call an efficient use of power.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Truck Regenerative Lowering

    Create Power

    Not only does Eco-Performance save power, it creates it. Raymond’s regenerative lowering technology results in fewer battery changes for reduced downtime and increased productivity. In fact, the Raymond 7000 Series Reach-Fork trucks and 9000 Series Swing-Reach trucks create power by returning 10% of the amps drawn back to the battery with every load lowered. That makes you even more efficient with every pallet move.
  • Raymond 9000 Series Swing Reach Turret Trucks Parts Commonality

    Reduce Emissions

    Because Raymond lift trucks use less energy than the competition, you’re not only lowering your costs, you’re also reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Take the Raymond 9000 Series Swing-Reach trucks, for example. By using up to 40% less energy than competing models, they actually save as much carbon dioxide as a car uses over one year. Fewer battery changes mean fewer carbon emissions, maximum ecological benefits for the planet and greater energy savings for you.


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