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    SKILLSUSA 2018

    National Leadership and Skills Conference

Welding Fabrication Competition - June 25 - 29

The Raymond Corporation is a proud supporter of SkillsUSA to help educate and encourage young talent to explore career paths in trade, technical and skilled service. As part of the 54th Annual National Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, more than 18,000 people - including students, teachers and business partners - will attend educational seminars to learn more about career options across various technical industries and participate in hands-on competitions that demonstrate their skills.

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    What To Expect:

    This year, the 2018 SkillsUSA Welding Fabrication Committee is doing a two-part welding fabrication competition which consists of:

    The Welding Fabrication Committee designed a standard product design—this year, a rocket stove—and gave the information and prints to competitors in advance of the competition. During the competition, participants are required to weld the specified rocket stove and will be graded on their final product.

    Participants are also asked to conceptualize a design. This year’s product design is a donation collection box for shoes. The teams’ designs will be scored on the proper inclusion of a title block, appropriate weld symbols, specified welding processes and the location of the out-of-position welds. Creativity will not be part of the grade, but it’s an important skill to practice, as it’s an essential aspect of design and fabrication responsibilities.

Meet Raymond's SkillsUSA Committee Members & Judges

  • Steve Dillenbeck
    Welding Team Leader

    "I landed a job at The Raymond Corporation 18 years ago. While welding has always come naturally to me, Raymond gave me the tools to excel in this role. At Raymond, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the many different disciplines of welding production. Today, I hold the role of lead welder at Raymond. In this role, I help welders learn new skills and grow in their careers. Due to my curiosity, strong desire to learn and welding ability, I’ve been able to maintain my role as team lead for the past eight years. Although it’s been a challenge, I have stayed committed to developing our talented team of welders."

  • Dan Quiter
    Welding Trainer

    "In 2006, I started as a welder at The Raymond Corporation and since then, have spent most of my time in the welding department. Now, I am the team leader on welding production lines. During my time at Raymond, I’ve attended various welding training programs, such as the Trainer Observer program at Lincoln Electric and the Hobart Institute for Welding Technology, in preparation for becoming a certified welding inspector and educator. Since 2013, I have helped to build and run the Raymond Welding Dojo. In 2016, I joined the New York State SkillsUSA Welding Fabrication and the National Welding Fabrication teams."

  • Don Sulger
    Manufacturing Engineer Technician

    "In 2005, I was hired on as a welding inspector at Raymond. In 2007, I became a Certified Welding Inspector and become the first shift welding inspector. Then, in 2011, I was transferred to the Manufacturing Engineering department as an assembly line technician and have been here ever since. My involvement with SkillsUSA began in 2014, when I served as a judge for the New York State Welding Fabrication Program. In 2016, I was asked to be a judge at the national level, and to this day, I continue to be involved in both programs."

What will happen to the rocket stoves once they are complete?

Completed rocket stoves will be donated to WaterStep, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, that saves lives with safe water by empowering communities around the world to take care of their own long-term water needs. Completed rocket stoves will be donated directly to countries in need and others will be finalized and auctioned off to help raise money, further helping the cause.

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