Raymond Introduces Line of Branded Wheels and Tires for End-to-End Solutions

Mar 08, 2016
Raymond forklift tire, forklift wheels, pallet jack wheels

The Raymond Corporation unveiled a new line of polyurethane forklift and pallet jack wheels and tires formulated to meet the usage demands of forklift and electric lift trucks running at optimum levels.

Pictured: Colored red, the new Raymond UltraRide® steer and drive tires, and Raymond steer tires, drive tires and load wheels offer superior performance for forklift trucks, while the bright yellow Smoothy® load wheels, and steer and drive tires provide a comfortable ride with minimal vibration.

GREENE, N.Y. — The Raymond Corporation unveiled a new line of polyurethane wheels and tires formulated to meet the usage demands of lift trucks running at optimum levels. The new wheels and tires include: Raymond Smoothy® premium steer and drive tires and load wheels; Raymond UltraRide® premium steer and drive tires; and Raymond preferred steer and drive tires and load wheels.

“Raymond’s end-to-end solution offerings have expanded with the new wheels and tires that fit a variety of warehouse environments and applications,” says John Perun, director of sales and marketing for the Raymond Parts™ division. “The dependability and superior quality that is associated with the Raymond brand is applicable on this new line. The wheels proudly display their Raymond identity.”

Ideal for long- or high-speed runs with heavy loads, as well as for tight maneuvering, these wheels and tires can stand up to hard braking, and are resistant to flat spotting. Raymond tires also have a variety of tread patterns. 

For ease of reordering, Raymond wheels and tires also have a unique identification code stamped into the hub, indicating the part number for the wheel or tire.

To learn more about Raymond Parts, visit www.raymondparts.com. To learn more about The Raymond Corporation, visit www.raymondcorp.com or call 800-235-7200.

About The Raymond Corporation

The Raymond Corporation is a global provider of end-to-end warehouse solutions, fleet management, forklift training and support to increase efficiency and lower costs throughout material handling operations. Raymond® forklifts are engineered to achieve higher performance, enhance operator comfort and increase efficiency. Raymond manufactures a full line of forklift trucks — including reach trucks, pallet jacks, pallet stackers, sit-down and stand-up forklifts, orderpickers and turret trucks. The iWAREHOUSE® fleet management and warehouse optimization system provides solutions to manage industrial vehicle fleets, labor efficiencies and warehouses. Additionally, flexible automation, customized solutions and industry-leading consultation from Raymond further enhance and streamline processes while helping customers to drive down costs. Raymond is a recipient of the 2015 Manufacturing Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan.


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