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MODEX 2024 | March 11th - 14th, 2024 | Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA


    Beyond lift trucks, The Raymond Corporation offers end-to-endless intralogistics solutions that let you tap in to the tempo on your floor and find its flow.

    Join us at this year’s MODEX in Atlanta, GA, (March 11-14) to learn how our mix of innovative products, industry-leading methodologies, and data-powered software and solutions can elevate your entire operation. Discover the solutions that can help find your rhythm.

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    Achieve Operational Sustainability Goals Through Innovative Energy-efficient Products and Solutions

    Monday, March 11 | 3:45 p.m. | Theater B

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    Unlock the path to sustainable success and dive into a world where innovative energy-efficient products and solutions play a pivotal role in achieving sustainability goals. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a transformative journey that requires the right partner for successful implementation. Discover the art of evaluating and selecting end-to-end intralogistics solutions, tailored not only for your present needs but also to propel your future endeavors. Join us to learn more about the power of innovation and sustainability, as we help guide you toward a more sustainable and efficient future. More Details

    Damon Hosmer

    General Manager of Energy Storage Solutions, The Raymond Corporation


    Matt Curtis

    Product Manager for Class II, The Raymond Corporation

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    Elevating Operations With Total Intralogistics Solutions:
    An Ecosystem of Efficiencies

    Tuesday, March 12 | 2:15 p.m. | Theater D 

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    Join us to explore how the seamless integration of data, equipment, technology and tailored aftermarket services creates a complete framework that empowers your organization to achieve new heights of efficiency while delivering for your customers. Throughout this seminar, we will showcase the importance of orchestrating information, technology, parts and service into an interconnected ecosystem. More Details

    Justin Benson

    Vice President, Intralogistics Solutions, Carolina Handling


    Melinda Laake

    Director – Intralogistics Solutions, The Raymond Corporation

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    Navigate the Lean Path to Operational Excellence by Empowering Your Workforce With Data-driven Continuous Improvement

    Thursday, March 14 | 10:15 a.m. | Theater H

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    Every management team shares a common goal: enhancing operational efficiency. This goal not only positively impacts the bottom line but also elevates associate engagement and retention. By harnessing the power of data, we can easily engage our workforce and gain a deeper understanding of their contributions to the organization. As we dive into Labor Management System and Lean Management performance metrics, with a keen focus on optimizing productivity, this process can uncover new opportunities for process refinement and standardization. These improvements can drive down costs, increase consistency and improve accuracy, propelling your operation forward. This iterative and ongoing journey elevates you among the best-in-class operations that are continuously improving to meet the demands of customers and markets.
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    Keith Ingels

    Raymond Lean Management Manager of Solutions and Support Centers, The Raymond Corporation 


    Christopher Newton

    Senior Manager, Customer Intelligence, The Raymond Corporation 


Our set of intralogistics solutions work seamlessly with our material handling equipment
to snap in to new efficiencies and enhance how your warehouse floor flows.
Visit us at Booth B5406 to explore these solutions more.

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    Our cutting-edge lift trucks, automated guided vehicles, pallet jacks, orderpickers and latest in telematics can amp up your operation. We also provide energy solutions that work together to utilize your energy the smartest way possible. Visit our booth to explore our newest tech and don’t forget to check out the Lift-Rite pallet trucks and other equipment at Booth B4619.

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    Our intelligent warehouse solutions bring your warehouse equipment and their critical data together by connecting your fleet, assets and workforce so you can lock in to details of your operation with precision accuracy and create reliable workflows.

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    After we visualize and analyze your processes, we can begin to find opportunities to add automation to your operation. Then we’ll help build and refine automated processes that maximize resources, streamline workflows and help overcome labor shortages — without missing a beat.

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    We not only are an equipment company — we also provide unmatched expertise. Our consultants and experts snap in to your warehouse’s unique rhythm to provide power studies, fleet evaluation and process optimizations, along with equipment service solutions and flexible financing options.

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