PartyLite Meets Seasonal Needs with Forklift Usage Program

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    Selecting the ideal fleet of lift trucks can be a challenging task for any company, especially for businesses with seasonal demands.

    During the holiday season, PartyLite often sees a peak in business, but it relies on maximum up-time from its lift truck fleet to move products and prepare orders for shipping all year round.

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    To better handle seasonal demand fluctuation for PartyLite’s products, representatives from Associated Solutions, a Raymond Solutions and Support Center, recommended a customized usage program for the lift truck fleet.

    The usage program gives PartyLite the option to choose when to activate certain lift trucks, based on material handling demands, making the lift truck fleet extremely adaptable to changing demands.

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    Associated maintains the most cost-efficient and effective equipment used by PartyLite through the continuous monitoring of the equipment and maintenance plans.

    The collaboration between PartyLite and Associated created a solution that helps PartyLite meet its customers’ demands while minimizing costs for lift trucks that are needed only during peak demand times.

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