Pacific Coast Warehouse Facility Optimization with Raymond

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    Pacific Coast Warehouse Company is a third-party logistics company that operates more than 1.3 million square feet of warehousing space in southern and northern California.

    Consolidating two warehouse spaces into one meant a chance for Pacific Coast Warehouse to gain efficiency and improve control over product movement.

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    Raymond Handling Solutions, an authorized Raymond Solutions and Support Center and partner of Pacific Coast Warehouse for more than 26 years, was selected for the project in a competitive review process after offering not only lift trucks, but a complete, integrated solution that included racking, lift trucks and a comprehensive lift truck service program.

    Raymond Handling Solutions helped the company devise a material handling system using Raymond Deep-Reach® lift trucks to place loads of product on 26-foot-high racks.


    Since working with Raymond Handling Solutions, Pacific Coast Warehouse has noted a significant increase in productivity, reduction in labor costs and a renewed sense of confidence within its facility.

    The ability to partner with a material handling company that can handle the company’s growth, as well as provide quality equipment and service, has been an important factor for Pacific Coast Warehouse.

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