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    More than a decade ago, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. was operating with many different brands of material handling equipment. In an industry where the receiving, picking and shipping are all variables that affect the end product, the proper fleet and truck options are essential for success.

    The NSLC was ready to update its fleet to better fit its needs and turned to G.N. Johnston, a Raymond Solutions and Support Center, to optimize its facility.


    In the search for a way to maximize the existing footprint, G.N. Johnston came up with the solution of converting three aisles to Very Narrow Aisles (VNA).

    Condensing two aisles of racking would allow for an entire aisle of new racking in the warehouse, making additional storage space available, while utilizing the equipment and technology the NSLC already held.


    The NSLC selected iWAREHOUSE®, a telematics system that can be installed into every lift truck in a warehouse. The NSLC used iWAREHOUSE to help manage its more than 40 trucks.

    The system allows managers to collect and report on operational and maintenance data for their industrial vehicle fleets and operators. Alerts related to improperly performing equipment or equipment that has sustained damage intrigued the NSLC.

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