Container Store Optimizes Warehouse with Malin

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  • the container store, raymond success story


    In 2002, The Container Store conducted a 10-year sales growth projection, which concluded that a larger facility would be necessary to contain its distribution center and corporate offices.

    When The Container Store embarked on a project to develop a new 1.1 million square foot facility, they expected to partner with as many as a dozen vendors. Instead, they found a true and valued partner in Malin Integrated Handling Solutions and Design, who was able to help them make the DC a successful reality.

  • the container store, raymond success story


    The Container Store conducted focus groups of its DC associates to test, analyze and choose the best equipment to do their jobs. Despite having years of experience with competitor-brand turret trucks, the focus groups objectively chose Raymond lift trucks for the new facility.

    The Container Store’s lift truck fleet today is composed of 51 Raymond trucks, including pallet trucks, Deep-Reach trucks, sit-down and stand-up counterbalanced trucks, Model 5500 Orderpickers, and Model 8600 Tow Tractors.

  • the container store, raymond success story


    By working with Malin to pay special attention to improved racking layout, improved slotting and equipment dependability, The Container Store estimates it has improved its process time by 30 percent since 2004.

    “When planning our redesign, we looked years down the road to see what partner and expert we wanted to do business with, and we felt most comfortable with Malin,” Mike Coronado, director of distribution says.

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