Bonide Meets Unrelenting Demand with Raymond Warehousing Solutions

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    Bonide — a manufacturer of products for home, lawn and garden, and pest control — needed to improve operations and expand its warehouse to keep up with increased sales and its 48-hour-to-ship commitment. This included forklifts, as they touch nearly every step of the process, and the current lift trucks had issues causing significant downtime and missed deadlines. The warehouse also needed more space to move product, with only limited space to accommodate their exponential business growth.

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    To improve forklift quality, Bonide implemented a new fleet of Raymond lift trucks, with game-changing features that made it easier, faster and more efficient to get work done. The new trucks included Reach trucks equipped with Fork-Tip Laser Guide, height indicator and digital display, several pallet jack models, and counterbalanced forklifts with a truckers mast. Pengate Handling Systems helped to redesign the warehouse to incorporate narrow aisle racking.

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    The new trucks are engineered to maneuver the narrow aisles with fluidity and ease, resulting in shaving off nearly a quarter of a mile when moving product. Combining the above with the company’s inventory control system, Bonide increased its batch-making abilities from four to 14 per day. It also reduced the number of touches for its 8,000-plus skid spaces by two, on average, per skid. “With this reduction, it gives us a longer battery life, keeping the trucks in operation and helping operators be more efficient throughout the day — resulting in huge cost savings,” said Bill Szalkowski, facilities manager at Bonide.

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