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  • Associated Grocers of New England Utilizes Raymond Material Handling Solutions


    With business booming and space becoming limited, Associated Grocers of New England (AGNE) recognized the need for a new facility. Their old facility lacked room to grow and the lift truck fleet was unable to accommodate the volume of the product.

    Additionally, facility damage due to improperly sized fork lifts was resulting in more downtime for repairs, which contributed to decreased productivity.

  • AGNE Case Study with Raymond and Abel Womack


    AGNE looked to Abel Womack, an authorized Raymond Solutions and Support Center, to help evaluate its new facility. It was determined that a mixture of new and existing equipment would fully serve each function in the warehouse.

    A scheduled maintenance plan and in-warranty repairs, as well as training AGNE in-house technicians for any out-of-warranty repairs, were also part of the warehouse solution.


    The new Raymond lift truck fleet resulted in significant improvements in warehouse visibility, fork lift productivity and cost savings. The carefully determined solution resulted in 58% total improvement in throughput and cost savings of up to 18% since moving into the new facility.

    In choosing Abel Womack and Raymond lift trucks, AGNE was able to optimize the company’s space, streamline its maintenance program, increase lift truck productivity and improve warehouse efficiency.

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