6 Ways to Save Costs and Increase Efficiency In Grocery Operations

  • Saving Costs and Increasing Efficiency in Grocery Operations

    Food and beverage operations incur significant costs when moving product from place to place. 

As demand increases and supply chains experience strain, it is important to keep six things in mind to ensure an efficient and productive operation: 

1. Embrace a Lean Culture

Based on Toyota Production System (TPS) principles, Raymond Lean Management (RLM) techniques enable operations to standardize work, track key performance indicators and make continuous improvements to ensure the best possible solutions.

2. Learn from Your Fleet

Data reports can offer detailed information as to what workers are doing, their productivity, the age of your equipment and batteries, and maintenance costs. Use the data to plan fleet replacements and to match your fleet with your projected business growth.

3. Utilize Innovative Training Techniques

21st-century learning tools, such as e-learning and virtual reality, help ensure lift truck operators are coached more quickly and confidently.

4. Invest in Lithium-Ion Technology

Lithium-ion batteries offer increased power capacity, allowing fewer work disruptions to charge batteries and require no battery change-outs. Utilizing a battery with built-in heaters and active cell balancing enables Raymond® lithium-ion-powered trucks to thrive in the refrigerated warehouses inherent in the food industry.

5. Maximize Your Warehouse Space

High-capacity reach trucks allow customers to optimize taller buildings and store heavy pallets in almost any location. The Raymond High-capacity Reach-Fork truck is ideal for cold storage and freezer applications, as these warehouses employ tall racking systems for maximum storage.

6. Simplify the Order Picking Process

Offer better picking access and accuracy by investing in operator assist technologies, such as Pick2Pallet™ LED light system, which uses an LED light system to visually reinforce product placement for order fulfillment in batch picking applications.