5 Steps to Pedestrian Safety on the Move

  • Pedestrian Safety on the Move

    Everyone in your family is responsible for creating a reliable work environment. Teaching pedestrians how to act responsibly in the environments where lift trucks are operating can create a more secure, productive environment. 

There are 5 key steps pedestrians should follow:

1. Use Dedicated Pedestrian Walkways

Designated walkways are the best place for pedestrians to make their way across the warehouse floor. Keeping aisles and driving lanes clear will not only help everyone stay safe, but also boost productivity by allowing fewer work interruptions. 

2. Stop, Look and Listen for Oncoming Traffic

The same rules apply as when you are crossing a busy street. Be aware of your surroundings and stop, look and listen for trucks if you need to cross an aisle or lane.

3. Make Eye Contact with Drivers

Make yourself known on the floor. It is important to make eye contact with oncoming operators to ensure they know you are in their vicinity.

4. Give a Forklift Adequate Time to Stop

Lift trucks cannot stop on a dime. When on the warehouse floor, keep in mind it takes a lift truck an average of 16 feet to come to a complete stop.

5. Stand Clear of Lift Trucks in Operation

Staying clear of forklifts not only leads to pedestrian safety, but to ensure the operation stays productive and efficient.