5 Steps to Operator Safety on the Move

  • Operator Safety on the Move

    Everyone in your facility is responsible for creating a reliable work environment. As a forklift operator, there are a few things you can do to make sure you and pedestrians can operate efficiently and without incident.  Raymond's industry-leading forklift operator training program is available online in an e-learning module to help you instill best practices throughout your warehouse.

There are 5 key steps to operator safety: 

1. Give Pedestrians the Right of Way

Designated walkways are the best place for pedestrians to make their way across the warehouse floor, however, pedestrians may need to cross outside of one from time to time. Make sure to be attentive and give pedestrians the right of way in all cases. 

2. Keep Your Distance

Keeping distance between a forklift operator and pedestrian will make both parties feel more secure. Make sure to leave room so everyone in your facility has the space to perform the tasks necessary to keep your operation running.

3. Look in the Direction of Travel

Always keep your eye on where you’re going. Eliminate distractions and stay focused on what’s in front of you – this way you’ll be aware of anything crossing your path and have ample time to stop if necessary.

4. Make Yourself Known

Let people know you’re there! Stop and sound the horn when approaching an intersection, crosswalk or exiting an aisle. When pedestrians are aware of your presence, they can better accommodate the space you need to work.

5. Approach and Leave Aisles Slowly

Making sure to approach and leave aisles slowly is a great way to avoid unwanted incidents.