5 Steps to Achieving a Lean Workspace

  • Achieving a Lean Workspace

    Creating a lean workspace has plenty of benefits but can seem daunting upon initial implementation. The 5S system for organizing spaces can help with that process, so that work can be performed effectively, ultimately leading to increased productivity and operational efficiency. This system focuses on putting everything where it belongs and keeping the workplace clean, which makes it easier for people to do their jobs. 

There are 5 key steps to achieving a lean workspace:

1. Sort

Start by keeping what you need and removing what you feel is unnecessary. Label, picture or outline what is necessary, and move anything unknown out of your direct workspace. 

2. Set in Order

It’s important to be organized and keep necessary tools or materials in a logical order in accordance with how work is performed. Make sure tools used most often are within easiest reach and tools used less frequently are stored outside of your immediate work area.

3. Shine

Make sure to clean and maintain tools and equipment. Regularly check for any problems or defects.

4. Standardize

Create a system and find best practices that work for you. Make sure to document and create a process that’s easy for others to maintain. Improvement can only begin once we are consistent!

5. Sustain

This system only works when you continue to utilize it. Continue to reassess as you go and ask for feedback from employees. The people doing the work can help determine the best practice of process, tools and materials to efficiently serve customers’ needs.