4 Best Practices to Optimize Your Workforce

  • Best Practices to Optimize Your Workforce

    Businesses all across the world are facing new challenges every day, and the supply chain industry is no different. Amid ever-increasing productivity demands and a shortage of skilled labor, operations need new ways to attract lift truck operators and to prepare them as quickly, efficiently and completely as possible. It’s important to implement tools and training strategies that help new, as well as current, operator staff members.

 Here are a few options we at The Raymond Corporation recommend:

1. Implement e-Learning Methods

e-Learning is an efficient, cost-effective way to train your staff. One of the key benefits of e-learning is its quick information delivery. The experience can be personalized to each employee’s needs and give operations real-time feedback and actionable data on an individual’s performance. Raymond's E-Learning Safety On The Move Forklift Operator Training introduces best practices for warehouse environments that help protect employees, equipment, and materials while complying with OSHA requirements.

2. Utilize Technology for Hands-on Instruction

In today’s distanced world, technology can play an important role in educational instruction for your warehouse operators. Virtual reality has become an incredibly powerful tool for education in warehouse and distribution facilities. Raymond’s Virtual Reality Simulator offers a unique, engaging learning experience for operator students and a more efficient teaching tool for instructors. Users enter a simulated warehousing environment on a real Raymond® forklift truck by plugging into the patent-pending Simulation Port (sPort). This immersive, engaging virtual experience helps operators develop skills and builds operator confidence before they even hit the warehouse floor.

3. Reinforce Operator Confidence With Technology

There are plenty of operator assist technologies available to improve your warehouse’s order picking efficiency and give operators confidence in their work. For example, Raymond’s Pick2Pallet™ LED light system is designed to help reduce picking errors by using LED lights to visually reinforce product placement.

4. Evaluate Opportunities for Improvement

For continuous improvement, regularly evaluate your operation to uncover opportunities for improvement within your facility. Utilizing data and telematics technology is a great way to inform your staff of opportunities for improvement. RTLS programs enhance efficiency by monitoring the movements of lift trucks, personnel and assets in your warehouse. A Labor Management System (LMS) can track and understand how personnel are performing, helping operations understand where improvements could be made. Raymond’s iWAREHOUSE® suite of offerings provides application engineering, data analysis and professional services to customize solutions to your needs and help you get the most out of your investment.