4 Tips to Increase Your Counterbalanced Forklifts' Versatility

  • Best Practices to Increase Counterbalanced Forklifts' Versatility

    Counterbalanced trucks are known for versatility and offer various adaptable configurations to adjust to your evolving business needs. From choosing the right configuration to attachments, here are four ways you can increase the versatility of your counterbalanced lift truck.

 Here are a few tips we at The Raymond Corporation recommend:

1. Opt for Greater Lifting Capacity

More capacity means more versatility. From handling a 2,500-lb. loaded pallet to an oversized 5,000-lb. load, a larger capacity lift truck can handle it all. For unique material handling needs, it is best to talk with a trained professional for customized solutions for your application.

2. Leverage Attachments to Boost Efficiency

The various attachments that are compatible with counterbalanced lift trucks allow operators to get even more out of their lift trucks. To improve the bottom line, consider counterbalanced lift trucks which have the ability to swap between various attachments. Counterbalanced lift trucks can do the job of several lift trucks, ultimately increasing efficiency of lift truck utilization. In addition to using traditional and specialized attachments, suppliers like The Raymond Corporation can install custom attachment solutions.

3. Choose the Right Configuration to Meet Your Needs

An integral attachment may yield higher residual capacity and slightly better turning radius. But hang-on attachments with quick disconnects give you the most versatility to switch between forks and attachments. Work with a partner that can help you find the best solution for you.

4. Use Turret Attachments to go from Dock to Stock in a Narrow Aisle

Turret attachments can allow landlocked facilities to increase their racking density by narrowing the aisles similar to a Swing-Reach® truck. But the turret attachment on a counterbalanced truck can go dock to stock versus being dedicated to put-away and retrieval. The turret attachment allows the lift truck complete put-away and retrieval tasks while positioned perpendicular to the racking in an aisle as narrow as 67 inches or less than 6 feet wide.