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    Solutions Designed for Beverage Processing and Distribution

Material Handling Solutions for the Beverage Industry

Today, consumers hold high expectations on the delivery of products such as the speed, accuracy and effectiveness.  Previously buyers would find themselves at numerous stores looking for different products, but now with many distribution companies across the country, consumers can find what they want at one location like a grocery store or gas station.  Because of this it is ever so important to maximize your distribution process.

  • Urbanization

    As urbanization continues to grow at a steady pace throughout the world, there are many new challenges that industries are facing. Some of these include space constraints, high land costs, and “last mile delivery”, and more specifically delivery within the last 50 feet. The Beverage Distribution industry will need new ways of distribution to maximize profit and minimize costs.

  • ecommerce, industry challenges

    Mass Personalization and the Growth of Ecommerce

    Customers today are requesting a wide variety of drinks and flavors and combining them with new technology like e-commerce to make the buying process faster and easier. This means distributors will have more product and less time to deliver it to the right place.

  • distribution challenges, competition

    Relentless Competition

    With such a large industry, the amount of competition is also substantial and only growing. Beverage distribution companies are competing against regional and local businesses that are placing their products in the same spots as national brands. For example, small craft breweries get the same amount of store space as a larger known brand would.

Forklifts Built to Perform

One major challenge that beverage distributors are having is the last mile delivery process.It is the most expensive part of the delivery and takes the most amount of labor.This means it is very important to have the correct tools to get the job done efficiently and accurately, from the beginning to end. Raymond offers durability and performance you can count on to complete these tasks.

  • counterbalanced forklift, stand up forklift

    4250 Stand Up Counterbalanced

    The 4250 provides superior visibility, exceptional comfort and efficiency so you know you have the best performing truck in the industry.

    + Angled front covers, open view mast, and overhead guard designs give the operator a clear view from any angle.

    + ACR System delivers a powerful AC drive and lift to maintain a high performance throughout the battery cycle.

  • reach truck, raymond reach truck

    7500 Reach Truck

    Our 7500 Reach Truck delivers quick acceleration, smoother directional changes and a longer battery life for the utmost reliability and decreased downtime.

    + Universal stance Reach truck allows the driver to comfortably look straight up while storing and retrieving loads for a natural posture.

    + Vantage Point System camera helps operators identify, retrieve and place pallets at greater heights with pin point precision.

  • electric pallet jack, pallet jack

    The 8210 specializes in tighter areas like the back of trailers. Its durability is necessary because of the rough ground that the truck experiences from curbs to loading dock ramps that beverage distributors normally encounter.

    + Provides a tighter turning radius with the ability to maneuver the truck with the handle in the upper brake position and tucked securely against the frame especially in the back of trailers.

    + Prevents unnecessary wear by reducing travel speed to train operators to travel with forks elevated over dock plates lift gates and curbs.

  • end rider pallet jack, electric pallet jack

    8410 Pallet Truck

    The 8410 end rider pallet truck is perfect for the longer work shifts and heavier loads, which is very common in the beverage distribution industry.

    + The operator will be more comfortable and able to work for longer periods of time without a break.

    + Prevents unnecessary wear by reducing travel speed to train operators to travel with forks elevated over dock plates lift gates and curbs.

"We have a much higher level of productivity per man hour, in both the picking and delivery processes."
Tom Tuma, Chief Operating Officer, Fabiano Brothers

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